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Baby Product Contests – Because who doesn’t love free stuff!

Love free baby stuff? OF COURSE. Who doesn’t. Sometimes though the world makes you work for it. Haha! But not really. It’s not a lot of work to just comment, share, and like. So here are some of the weekly or regular baby product giveaways that I enter on social media. I have even won one!

Bamboobies – Bamboobies is a company that sells breastfeeding supplies and necessities. When I was pumping I LOVED using their nipple balm. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Squeasy Gear – Squeasy Gear makes reusable food pouches for feeding your kids on the go. They usually run a Wednesday winner contest. If you win you get to chose one pouch from their selection. I actually won one week and this is what I got. I enter via Facebook.


Joovy –  Joovy is a Baby goods company that sells everything. Highchairs, walkers, bottles, Strollers…etc. They usually run a weekly Joovy Tuesday contest for different products. I am really hoping to win one day. Haha! I enter via Facebook.

The baby Guy NYC – LOVE THIS GUY. My sister turned me on to this gentleman when I became pregnant. Jaime is a baby product tester and guru. Most times after he tests a product he does a giveaway for that product. You can enter via Facebook or Instagram, but mainly Facebook.

L’ovedbaby LLC – This company sells really cute baby clothes and accessories. They usually run a Free-4-All Tuesday giveaway. I haven’t won yet, but I’m going to keep trying! Haha! I usually enter on Facebook, but they also have the contests on their website.

I have found that a lot of companies do giveaways on social media so if you are looking for a certain baby product make sure to follow that company. It doesn’t have to be just baby products either. If you are into sports and run 5k’s through out the year look at the 5k’s you want to enter and follow those companies on social media. Who knows you might score your self some swag or a free entry if they are giving those away.


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