Grocery Shopping Couponing

Today is grocery shopping day! Believe it or not I love to grocery shop. One of the top reasons…because I get to coupon. Yes it takes a little while to get everything in order before I go to the store, and yes it takes a little longer at the store but when you walk out of the store saving almost $100 I don’t think there is room for complaining. Here is how I go about prepping to shop.

Step 1: I start of by making my grocery shopping list. Going through my house looking for what I need. I write down what kind of product it is. (For example for toothpaste I write down Arm & Hammer.)

Step 2: I go to and other online coupon sites and look for coupons that I will need. While at these sights I also clip coupons that I don’t necessarily need this trip but use or may want in the future.

Step 3: I go to the website of the store I will be shopping at. I shop at Giant Food so I log into my account and clip the coupons for the loyalty card for items I am purchasing or want. (I love Giant because they have coupons you load to your card, but you can use the same manufacturer coupon in paper form at checkout. Stacking is so awesome! Giant food is also starting to give away free items for new products. I add those to my card too)

Step 4: I look through the circular for that time period to see whats on sale and what the prices are for items that I am looking to buy. (This is usually the time where I found out if I will be purchasing any of the items that I need for want in the future based on the coupons I clipped and sales that are on going.) I will add pricing/specials/ and new items to my list based on the circular.

Step 5: Go through my coupon apps. I have 6 coupon apps that I use when I go grocery shopping. Saving Star, Checkout 51, Ibotta, Shrink, MobiSave, and and Shopmium. I select all the items that I will be purchasing and also see if there are any specials and combinations of items I can get for free. I then ad the information from the apps to my grocery list so that I can see how much more I will be saving.

Step 6: Grocery shop!  As I go through the store checking things off my list I will move coupons for items I have in my cart from my hand to a pocket in my purse so that I know I have the item.

Step 7: Best way to save money at the store is if you don’t need the item don’t buy it. Also, when possible purchase store brand products. (Sometimes this doesn’t work since store brand can taste different then the big manufactures product.) I put all the coupons for items that I am not going to purchase anymore in a separate pocket in my purse so that I can use them for another shopping trip.

Step 8: Watch to make sure the cashier rings up all of your coupons. Many times I have been checking out and the cashier doesn’t pay attention to if a coupon goes through. If it doesn’t kindly mention it to the cashier, and their is nothing wrong going to guest services if you see that a coupon did not ring up after you have paid.

Step 9: Track Ibotta after your shopping trip. If something isn’t in your gallery when you go shopping buy pops up after you have 7 days from the day of your shopping trip to redeem it.

Happy Shopping! 🙂

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