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When a product isn’t really free

Free trials: So this really gets my goat. If you see a company offering a “free trial” of their products but you have to pay shipping then the product is not really free. MANY company’s will send you free samples if you just contact them and ask, and you wont have to pay shipping. For example, before I was about to give birth I was sure I was going to breastfeed but I wanted to have some formula as a back up just in case something didn’t work out as planned. So I signed up for Enfamil’s community and got their Enfamil mom’s welcome box full of formula both liquid and powder. Guess what it cost me? Nothing. Completely free. I then contacted Gerber and asked them for a free sample of their baby formula and I got a FULL SIZE container of formula in the mail about a week later. Again, completely free. See the pattern? So don’t be fooled when people say “but the product is free”. If you have to dish out money even just for shipping then it’s not free.

Check out coupons (Catalina’s): Here is another “free” product way of couponing that really gets me too. When you purchase a product and you are getting a check out coupon for x amount of dollars off a future purchase that does mean you got the product you are purchasing right now free. Yes you are saving money on your current purchase, but you have to make ANOTHER purchase to be able to use your coupon. Say the coupon is for $2.00 but the store doesn’t have any $2.00 products so you have to purchase a more expensive item. You have been roped into purchasing more. Did you really save? I would say an exception is if you use coupon apps. You will walk out the door having paid for part of the product, but you will be seeing your return via the apps with no need for a future purchase.

Rule of thumb when couponing. If you have to actually dish out money at the time of purchase then the item is not technically free. (with coupon apps the item will eventually be free.)

Happy shopping! 🙂

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