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Love free samples? Which free sample box is better? Pinchme vs. Influenster

Free samples are my jam. I am a big believer in free samples. Who wants to purchase a full size product to later find out you don’t like it or it’s just not for you? NO ONE. So I set out to find a couple of companies that advertise monthly boxes of free samples and coupons to those who sign up. The two I found were Pinchme and Influenster. How do they stack up and which do I recommend? Well lets see…

Pinchme: Once a month Pinchme holds a Pinchme Sample Tuesday. On these Tuesday’s they release available free samples and coupons from companies they have partnered with. To get the samples all you have to do is sign up and fill out a couple of surveys that tell them a little bit about you, your family, and general shopping purchases/habits. Then if you fall within the set criteria for the partner companies you will see free samples/coupons you can claim and add to your box. After you get your samples/coupons you then need to write a review to be able to be eligible the next Sample Tuesday. There are some kickers though. While some people will be eligible for samples every month there are also individuals who wont. I have been with Pinchme for several months and have been lucky to grab some samples every month. Some individuals go months without being eligible for samples. Another downer is sometimes it takes a while for you to get your sample box. Sometimes even running into the next Sample Tuesday, and if you haven’t done your reviews from your previous box you won’t be eligible for any new samples. You can check them out here.

Influenster: Pretty much the same idea as above. Every month they have a sample box, but it’s a lot harder to get one. When you sign up you have to fill out a couple of surveys just like Pinchme, but then you have to link your social media accounts so you can get an impact score. Then every month to become eligible for a box you have to write a certain number of reviews for products you have already purchased and used. They usually do a theme for the reviews. Last month’s, July, was back yard bash and you had to review your back yard bash must have items. They also have survey’s that they call “snaps” that they would like you to do, which again is just writing reviews for products you have already used and every now and then answering survey questions. Even after several months I still have not received an Influenster box. I am sure people do, but not me. Haha! You can check Influenster out here.

So which one would I recommend?: Hand’s down I would recommend Pinchme. Not because I have actually received free samples, but because it is so much more user-friendly. I feel with Influenster I could write reviews till my fingers bled and I would still come up empty-handed without a sample box. I also believe that just because my social media out reach isn’t huge that doesn’t mean my word of mouth advertising doesn’t matter or won’t be as valuable.

Now I want to hear from you. Have you gotten an Influenster box before? How has your experience with Pinchme been? Let everyone know in the comments!

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