• C-Section Recovery Must Haves
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    C-Section Recovery Must Haves

    C-Section Planned or Not Here Comes Baby Some C-Sections are planned and others are not. However you birth, Natural or C-Section, birth is painful and the aftermath is… still painful. Haha! I have had two C-Sections. Both unplanned, but one of them was an emergency section. Recovery both times was not what I expected, but after my first one I learned a lot about what helps make the recovery process easier. Lessons Learned After my first C-Section I learned my house it not really user friendly for a person who is injured and on the mend. Some things I learned are that my bed is abnormally high. (I ended up…

  • Me Before Mom Book Review
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    Me Before Mom Book Review

    How Did I Get Here? This is a question I was asking myself as I was sitting at the dining room table one day having lunch with my kids. I was frustrated, and sad. I had just made my 3-year-old her third meal because she was not happy with her first two, and my 1 year old was whining because I was not feeding her fast enough. My dogs were barking in the background because the kids were whining, and I was getting hangry because I had yet to feed myself lunch. Usually I am a very happy and bubbly individual, but postpartum depression can be a B*tch sometimes, and…

  • Dorky Mom Doodles "Don't Lick That" Book Review
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    Dorky Mom Doodles “Don’t Lick That!” Book Review & Giveaway!

    Ever found yourself saying things to your kids you NEVER thought you would ever say to anyone? (Like don’t lick that?!) Just the other day I found myself telling my 3-year-old to get her butt off of her younger sisters’ face. Yeah, 10 years ago I never thought I would be in a position where I would need to say something like that, or some of the other things that come out of my mouth. Haha! Kid’s. Their adorable, messy, little people that we, as parent’s, love and hope that we raise right.  My Blogger Friend: Dorky Mom Doodles When trying to raise our adorable and messy kid’s it helps…

  • 2018 Small Shop Holiday Gift Guide for Kids
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    2018 Small Shop Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

    Usually around this time of year I start having to field questions from family members about what my kids would like for Christmas. I start going over in my mind all of the toys my kids have pointed out to me throughout the year and my eye’s glaze over. All of them require an abnormal amount of batteries to make screeching sounds I know I will only be able to take for one day. If they don’t make sound, they usually come with really small pieces I have to go through and hide away from our 10-month-old so she won’t try and eat them. I also start having visions of…

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    Sponsored: Dean’s Beans Coffee Review – A Great Cup of Coffee With A Purpose

    I used to purchase coffee almost every day from major coffee chains. Personally, I was shelling out money left and right on coffee I wasn’t 100% satisfied with. I was getting caffeinated, but I was only getting an okay cup of coffee and felt the coffee was missing something. I had a regular drip coffee maker at home, but it couldn’t make the coffee I liked. Or was it I couldn’t make a cup of coffee I liked? What about the coffee itself? How about all of the above! Haha! I actually learned I wasn’t buying good coffee once I purchased a semi-decent coffee maker, and started to education myself…

  • Beechnut Naturals
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    Sponsored: It’s A Party! A Beech-Nut® Naturals™ MommyParties™ Party That Is

    Baby food. You think it would be easy to pick how, when, and what you want to feed your children. But it’s hard. You walk into the grocery store to the baby aisle and literally half of the whole aisle is covered in different baby food selections. Which one do you choose?! You might think to yourself “I will just feed my kid what I am eating!”, and then you learn your own diet isn’t really as varied as it should be. Your next thought could be, “I will just make my own baby food!”, but then life happens and you look in the fridge/freezer and you forgot to make…

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    Top 5 Reasons I Love MommyCon

    I Have A Secret Well it’s not really a secret if you know me, but I am a huge fan of MommyCon. This will be my 3rd year in a row going, and I am already trying to decide which one I will go to next year. (I am attending MommyCon Philly this year.) There is a reason I am so in love with MommyCon. Actually, there are several reasons I love MommyCon, and this year with the closing of Toy’s R US/Babies R Us I am reminded of them. Below are my top 5 reasons why I love MommyCon. (Oh, and a free ticket giveaway as well!) Reason One…

  • What is a Doula?
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    What is a Doula? An Interview with Alyssa Kinney, Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula/Certified Childbirth Educator

    Do you know what a Doula is, or what they do? Most first-time parent’s, and sometimes repeat parent’s, do not know what a Doula is. Or they have heard of Doula’s, but they still do not know what they do/are for. I personally first heard of Doula’s when I was pregnant with my first child. I was sitting in the waiting room in my Ob’s office and saw a sign for Doula services on the Midwife side of the office. I remember saying to myself I should google what a Doula is when I got home. I forgot. Later on, after I had my daughter via C-Section, and I was…

  • Holiday Charity Giving Guide
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    Holiday Charity Giving Guide

    I was really torn about whether or not I wanted to do a couple different gift guides this year, or not. I really could list what I thought were the best toys for babies, toddlers, teens, moms, and dads, but it seems like every blogger and their mother puts out a gift guide of some kind every year. So, I decided to put out one new gift guide, my 2018 Small Shop Holiday Gift Guide for Kids which you can find here https://prettyinbabyfood.com/2018/11/19/2018-small-shop-holiday-gift-guide-for-kids/, and update my Holiday Charity Giving Guide. My husband and I make a conscious effort to teach our children that the holiday season is not just for receiving…

  • Birthing Circle Birth and Babies Fair
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    The Birthing Circle – Birth and Babies Fair 2017 Review

    The Birthing Circle I live in one of those states where there are really no baby shows or fairs. In fact, I would have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to be able to get to the nearest one. It makes me sad since I wish more women had access to baby shows/fairs/trade shows. So, I was so excited when I ran across The Birthing Circle’s Birth and Babies Fair. If you live around Washington D.C./Maryland then this birth and babies fair is for you, but it is different from your average baby show/fair. Held at the Carroll Creek Park in downtown Frederick, MD. The Birthing Circle’s Birth and Babies…