• Formulate Review
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    Formulate Shampoo & Conditioner Review

    Disclaimer This post is sponsored. I did receive a free bottle of Formulate shampoo & conditioner, also a set to giveaway, from Formulate in exchange for my review. I spent week’s testing out the shampoo & Conditioner and all thoughts and opinions are my own. I would never recommend a product that either I or my family did not like. How’s My Hair? I am 15 months postpartum, and I do not love my hair. Haha! Well, I love the color. Haha! Not that I was totally in love with my hair before having kids, but after kids it has changed. I don’t get to shower as often as I…

  • Me Before Mom Book Review
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    Me Before Mom Book Review

    How Did I Get Here? This is a question I was asking myself as I was sitting at the dining room table one day having lunch with my kids. I was frustrated, and sad. I had just made my 3-year-old her third meal because she was not happy with her first two, and my 1 year old was whining because I was not feeding her fast enough. My dogs were barking in the background because the kids were whining, and I was getting hangry because I had yet to feed myself lunch. Usually I am a very happy and bubbly individual, but postpartum depression can be a B*tch sometimes, and…

  • Dorky Mom Doodles "Don't Lick That" Book Review
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    Dorky Mom Doodles “Don’t Lick That!” Book Review & Giveaway!

    Ever found yourself saying things to your kids you NEVER thought you would ever say to anyone? (Like don’t lick that?!) Just the other day I found myself telling my 3-year-old to get her butt off of her younger sisters’ face. Yeah, 10 years ago I never thought I would be in a position where I would need to say something like that, or some of the other things that come out of my mouth. Haha! Kid’s. Their adorable, messy, little people that we, as parent’s, love and hope that we raise right.  My Blogger Friend: Dorky Mom Doodles When trying to raise our adorable and messy kid’s it helps…

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    Sponsored: Dean’s Beans Coffee Review – A Great Cup of Coffee With A Purpose

    I used to purchase coffee almost every day from major coffee chains. Personally, I was shelling out money left and right on coffee I wasn’t 100% satisfied with. I was getting caffeinated, but I was only getting an okay cup of coffee and felt the coffee was missing something. I had a regular drip coffee maker at home, but it couldn’t make the coffee I liked. Or was it I couldn’t make a cup of coffee I liked? What about the coffee itself? How about all of the above! Haha! I actually learned I wasn’t buying good coffee once I purchased a semi-decent coffee maker, and started to education myself…

  • Beechnut Naturals
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    Sponsored: It’s A Party! A Beech-Nut® Naturals™ MommyParties™ Party That Is

    Baby food. You think it would be easy to pick how, when, and what you want to feed your children. But it’s hard. You walk into the grocery store to the baby aisle and literally half of the whole aisle is covered in different baby food selections. Which one do you choose?! You might think to yourself “I will just feed my kid what I am eating!”, and then you learn your own diet isn’t really as varied as it should be. Your next thought could be, “I will just make my own baby food!”, but then life happens and you look in the fridge/freezer and you forgot to make…

  • Wee Blessing Review
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    Blessings Come in All Sizes: Wee Blessing Review

    Taking The Leap with Wee Blessing I have never been the kind of person to sign up for a clothing subscription box. You know the one’s where someone styles you, and they send you a box of clothes to try every month. If you like them you pay for them and keep them. If you don’t like them you send them back. I just didn’t think they asked the right questions to get my personality, my style, or my budget. (Even though my style is jeans and a t-shirt. Haha!) Now that I have 2 kids, I find going to the store a little more difficult. Not only for clothes…

  • Lighthouse Kids Company Cloth Diaper Review
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    Lighthouse Kids Company Cloth Diaper Review: If You Do Not Have A LKC In Your Stash You Should

    If you are a cloth diapering parent I am sure you have run into this issue.You purchase a really cute cloth diaper print and you are so excited to get it prepped and on the bum. You get it on your baby’s bum and within 5 to 10 minutes they poop. I have now dubbed this the approval poop. It means your child approves of your cloth diaper choice. Haha! This happened to a Lighthouse Kids Company cloth diaper I recently received for my daughter. I bet you might be wondering who/what Lighthouse Kids diapers are? If you have already heard of them you probably have at least one of…

  • Diono Car Seat Review
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    Diono Radian rXT Car Seat Review – The Only Car Seat Your Child May Ever Need

    Car Seat Buying Overwhelm I am just going to say it. Choosing a car seat can be hard. There are so many on the market it can be overwhelming as a parent to narrow one down. Preference is big factor as well. Do you want an infant bucket car seat, a convertible car seat that grows with your child, or a car seat that will go from infant to a booster seat? Cost then factors in. You could spend over $200 purchasing an infant seat, but your child will outgrow the seat causing you to have to spend probably over $200 again to purchase another car seat. Then if you…

  • Baby Tula Toddler Carrier
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    Baby Tula Toddler Carrier Review: Older Children Love Being Worn Too!

    Older Children Love Being Worn Too! I love wearing my daughter. Ever since she was born, I have worn her in a wrap to keep her close, and to do skin to skin. As she has grown, I have continued to wear her so I can be hands free, and of course keep her close to get our snuggles in. I am now pregnant with our second and my growing baby belly has made it difficult to continue to wear her on my front in certain carriers. So, I have switched to carrying her in back carries. This helps her to see the world around her, and she loves it.…

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    Rock-A-Bums Cloth Diaper Review: Because We All Have a Little Rock and Roll in Us

    Are you a parent who loves to cloth diaper but finds the prints to be not rock and roll enough? If you are a fan of Softbums diapers then you are in luck. The same company who owns Softbums has a 5 in 1 cloth diaper called Rock-A-Bums. These diapers are different in many ways from their cousins, Softbums, but for a good reason. The Diaper: Gone are the patented elastic toggle system, and in their stead Rock-A-Bums uses rise snaps on the front of the diaper. This new diaper can be used as an all in one, an all in two, a pocket, just as a cover, or used…