• Dutch Wonderland
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    Dutch Wonderland: An Amusement Park For All

    Disclosure: This year I am happy to announce I am a Dutch Wonderland Royal Ambassador! What does that mean? This means I received complimentary one day admission to their park in exchange for my review, and posts. I also received a discount link for my followers/readers. (Yeah savings!) As always, I would not recommend a product or experience I, or my family, did not like. Dutch Wonderland: A Kingdom for Kids! ® We had such a blast at Dutch Wonderland’s opening weekend. Located near Lancaster, PA Dutch Wonderland is a 43-acre amusement/theme park for all ages. (I reside in Maryland and the park is only 1.5 hours from my house.)…

  • St. Thomas, U.S.V.I

    Tips from an Avid Cruiser – Visiting St. Thomas, U.S.V.I

    St. Thomas St. Thomas will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I will always want to keep going back. It is my favorite Caribbean Island, and not just because I was married there. The island, I believe, is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. I have yet to find beaches, on other Caribbean Islands I have visited, that top beaches I have been to on St. Thomas. The best part about St. Thomas is it’s a US Territory and, if you are an American Citizen, you do not need a passport to travel there. (If you are cruising then you will want to get a…

  • largest apply pie on the high seas

    Tips from an Avid Cruiser – How to Eat Healthy and Stay Fit While Cruising

    Food For Days! One of the major perks of cruising is the majority of the amenities are all-inclusive. That means food for days! Everywhere you go on a cruise ship there is delicious food, and you can get food pretty much at any time. (Think the biggest apple pies on the high seas and late-night nachos.) If you are trying to keep your healthy diet and exercise routine while cruising this can be a happy problem. So below are some tips on how to try to eat healthy and stay fit while cruising. 🙂 Eating The last cruise my husband and I went on was for 2 weeks so that…

  • Tips from An Avid Cruiser: Tips for Cruising with Children

    Tips from An Avid Cruiser: Tips for Cruising with Children

    Vacation Time! It’s vacation time! Spring break is happening or starting soon for a lot of families, and that means fun family vacations. In our house, we just got back from an AMAZING 2-week Caribbean cruise. We are avid cruisers and our LO is already moving on up in our favorite cruise lines loyalty program. Vacationing and cruising with a child is definitely different, but I am glad we took the steps to prepare ourselves. Below are some tips for having an amazing vacation while cruising with Children. Research the cruise line/ship before you book Your first step is to make sure your child is old enough to cruise. From…

  • Cruising While Pregnant

    Tips from an Avid Cruiser – Cruising While Pregnant

    Baby Moon Here I Come! When my husband asked me to go on a cruise before our daughter arrived I was all in. We needed some relaxing time and a baby moon was the perfect way to get it. I understood and liked the idea of a baby moon. I was not sure how I felt about being pregnant, with morning sickness, feeling huge, waddling like a duck, sun burning faster than ever, and just plain being uncomfortable on a ship. Turns out, it was fine and I enjoyed myself immensely. (Cruising has it perks for pregnant women. Pretty much all you can eat buffets come to mind. Haha!) Vacationing…

  • St. Thomas

    Tips from an Avid Cruiser – How to pick the Right Stateroom When Cruising

    Vacation Mode Activate! You did it, you have decided to take a cruise vacation. The cruise line is selected, and you know where you will be sailing to and from where. Excitement is running through your veins and your heart is pumping and you ask yourself, “What’s next? What stateroom should we pick?”. Do you go all out and get a suite or because of funds do you settle for an inside stateroom? While the actual room type matters it also matters where on the ship your room is located. Here are my thoughts on what you should be thinking about when picking the right stateroom for your cruise vacation.…

  • Princess Cruiseline

    Tips from an Avid Cruiser – How to Select and Book a Cruise Vacation

    My Favorite Vacation Cruising is my favorite way to vacation. I love watching my phone signal slowly fade as we sail away until there are no bars or service. My husband and I have been on 3 cruises and will be going on our 4th this year. Other reasons I love cruising is because it is cost-effective and family friendly. Where else would you be able to get an almost all-inclusive 2-week vacation for 2 adults and 2 kids for $2,500.00 or under? On a cruise you get lodging, meals, entertainment, and adventure all-inclusive. (If you would like alcohol, drink packages, or to gamble and go on excursions associated with the ship…

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    Money Saving Tips on How to Get to The Next MommyCon!

    I heard of MommyCon only a couple of months ago, and it sounded awesome. I told my husband I really wanted to go but we couldn’t afford the ticket. So he looked at me and said, “That has never stopped you before. You always find a way or coupon.”. (Insert him rolling his eyes when he says coupon. haha) I thought about my husbands comment and told myself he is right. I also thought about all the other families that can’t afford to go but would greatly benefit from the experience. So I set out on a mission to try to find out ways to save money on a trip to…