• Easy DIY Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears
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    How To Make Easy DIY Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears

    No Shame In My Easy DIY Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears Game Like a lot of people around the world I love pretty much everything Disney. Especially Disney World. The best part about Disney World is experiencing it for the first time, and then experiencing it again through your children’s eyes. While I don’t have enough money to be at Disney World every day I do have enough money to bring bits and pieces of the Disney Magic home. One of those ways is through playing dress up with my daughter, and wearing Mickey/Minnie ears. (That’s why I learned how to make easy DIY Disney mickey/minnie mouse ears. So we could…

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    My Thoughts on the Live Action Remake of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast

    Beauty and The Beast is my all-time favorite Disney movie. (Can you tell when I was born? Haha!) While I was excited when Disney announced their live action remake of my beloved movie I was slightly skeptical. Why skeptical? Remakes of animated movies, I believe, are difficult to pull off. With a movie like Beauty and the Beast if Disney didn’t get it right they would have been in for a world of trouble. As it stood Disney was already getting some grief from people for changes it had made to the movie in the form of LeFou’s character. After seeing the film, I can say with all honesty I…

  • Breastfeeding/Pumping Resources at Disney World Parks
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    Tips from an Avid Disney World Mom – Breastfeeding/Pumping Resources at Disney World Parks

    My family and I love Disney World in Florida. Before having my daughter I personally had been to the parks multiple times, but after having my daughter I got to see a side of the parks I hadn’t seen before.  A calmer, slower paced side that I never knew existed at Disney World. I was a new mom with a 3-month-old. I was an exclusive pumper so feeding my daughter was a little more cumbersome than just sitting down and breastfeeding her. If you are a pumper you know that you need some space, time to set up, and then time to pump. Where the hell was I going to…