Product Review – Nicki’s Diapers Bamboo Overnight Fitted Diaper

As parents we all know that feeling all to well. Baby is sleeping soundly, either in our laps, our beds or on us in our beds, and then there is this warm wet feeling. That beautiful baby sleeping so softly just peed all over you and/or your bed. Now your up changing your clothes, your bed sheets, and the baby. This has happened to me. My daughter is a heavy wetter so it has happened in regular disposable diapers, night-time specific disposable diapers, and also in cloth diapers. Quite a few cloth diapering families do not cloth diaper at night for this exact reason. We are all looking for a night-time diapering solution that works for our children.

For my family the “solution” has been to layer so many inserts that my daughters fluff butt is HUGE at night and causes us to have issues with her pajamas not fitting.  My current night-time solution is either 3 fuzzibuns (50/50 Cotton/Hemp) inserts or 3 flip inserts (2 stay dry inserts and 1 nighttime insert 100% Cotton) with a flip cover. I get no leaks, but every night her diaper inserts are soaked front to back and her butt is wet since the inserts are not the best at wicking away moisture. Even though my current night-time cloth diaper solution produces no leaks I feel that it could be better for my daughter. When I was offered the chance to try out Nicki’s Diapers Bamboo Overnight Fitted Diaper I said yes.I wanted something not as bulky and made from a material that would keep my daughters butt drier at night.

Nicki’s Bamboo Overnight Fitted Diaper is made of 8 layers of 100% bamboo. The shell has 3 layers and the insert has 5. 20170106_153606My first impressions of the diaper was that it was so SOFT. It’s so soft that I felt like I could have used it as a pillow. Haha! My next impression was how trim the diaper was and how the heck was this diaper going to hold all my daughters pee. Knowing that the diaper was going to take several washes to prep since it is a natural material I got to prepping. I had another bamboo material diaper I needed to prep and I had some bamboo bed sheets so I tossed them all in the washer. I washed and dried my daughters diaper 4 times before I couldn’t wait any longer to get it OTB.

First night: Since I was concerned I didn’t prep it enough, sometimes it takes 5-6 washes, I added 2 Lalabye Baby bamboo inserts under the Nicki’s bamboo insert and covered it with my flip cover. My daughter usually sleeps from 9pm to 8am with many moments of waking and wanting a drink, and the first night she drank a lot more water then she usually does so I knew Nicki’s diaper was going to see a work out. (When I mean drank a lot my daughter had 6 0z of milk an hour before bed, we changed her into the diaper around 9pm, and then throughout the night she probably drank an extra 6 to 7 oz of water.) The diaper was defiantly more trim than her other night-time diaper solution, and it was more flexible. Her pajamas fit!!!! I say again. Her pajamas fit! (This is big, haha!) To me the diaper felt like a diaper should, fluffy. I could tell as the night wore on that her diaper was soaking up all the water she drank because the fluffiness slowly faded away. Which to me was great because it felt like an indicator that I would know if the diaper was full and needed to be changed.nickis-2

First night result: Over night there were no leaks and in the morning when I changed her the middle part of the diaper was saturated, but the front and back of the diaper were dry /still fluffy, and my daughters butt was dry. I was super excited! I threw that puppy in the wash to see how it would do fully prepped.

Second night: After washing the diaper for the 5th time the diaper looked fully prepped based on its color when dried so for the second night I removed 1 of the Lalabye Baby bamboo inserts. (In my experience non prepped/not fully prepped bamboo diapers look more off white/tan in color compared to fully prepped bamboo diapers that are more white in color. This is due to the natural oils that are removed when prepping.) My daughter had her 6 oz of milk an hour before bed, and she had about 4 oz of water through out the night.

Second night results: No leaks, the middle of the diaper was again saturated, the front and back of the diaper were more dry than the first night, and just like the first night my daughters butt was dry! (Happy Dance!) Now that the diaper was fully prepped I figured I would try it without any inserts for the 3rd night.

Third night: With just the outer shell, Nicki’s insert, and flip cover I gave my daughter her 6 oz of milk an hour before bed, and then she had between 4-5 oz of water throughout the night.

Third night results: Again no leaks, the middle of the diaper was saturated, and the back and front of the diaper were wet except for a couple of centimeters near the edges. Also, like the last two times my daughters butt was dry when I took the diaper off even though her diaper was pretty full. Going forward I personally will probably use it with at least another insert in the diaper for my daughter, but if your child is not a heavy wetter than you may be able to get away with just the one Nicki’s insert.nickis

Final Results… I like it! Nicki’s Diapers Bamboo Overnight Fitted Diaper is a very absorbent and trim overnight diaper. I would even say a great night-time diaper solution for heavy wetters. You might need to put in an extra insert or two, but this diaper gets the job done.  So say goodbye to night-time leaks, and say hello to dry baby butt cheeks!

Side note: Another plus of purchasing Nick’s brand diapers from Nicki’s Diapers is that for every Nicki’s diaper or swaddle blanket purchased they will donate a diaper or swaddle blanket to a child in need. You can visit Nicki’s Diapers here.


Product Review – Nicki’s Diapers Bamboo Overnight Fitted Diaper

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