Dorky Mom Doodles “Don’t Lick That!” Book Review & Giveaway!

Dorky Mom Doodles "Don't Lick That" Book Review

Ever found yourself saying things to your kids you NEVER thought you would ever say to anyone? (Like don’t lick that?!) Just the other day I found myself telling my 3-year-old to get her butt off of her younger sisters’ face. Yeah, 10 years ago I never thought I would be in a position where I would need to say something like that or some of the other things that come out of my mouth. Haha! Kids. Their adorable, messy, little people that we, as parents, love and hope that we raise right. 

My Blogger Friend: Dorky Mom Doodles

When trying to raise our adorable and messy kid’s it helps to have parenting friends, both in-person and online, who can sit there in the parenting trenches with you, and commiserate with you. Dorky Mom Doodles, AKA Erika, is one such friend of mine. I have followed her parenting and blogger journey for over a year, and her Doodles have been there when I have needed them. I have laughed till I have cried, and sometimes till I have peed myself a little. (Thank you, pregnancy and kids! Haha!)

Dorky Mom Doodles "Don't Lick That" Book Review

Her Book: “Don’t Lick That!” 

The full title of Erika’s book is actually “Don’t Lick That!: [A Dorky Mom’s Tales of Parenting and Other Crap]”, and it is appropriately titled. I have said the phrase “Don’t Lick That!” to my kids many times. (What parent hasn’t really?) Erika’s book is a witty look into her family and life via words and doodles. It’s also a great look into the lives of almost every parent. In one part of her book, Erika discusses things her son has said at the Doctor’s making it seem like he isn’t fed or taken care of. My 3-year-old recently went to the Doctor and did the same thing! 

When our Pediatrician asked our 3-year-old what her favorite foods were, of course, she answered with Chicken Nuggets and French Fries. When the Pediatrician asked if she ate any vegetables my 3-year-old said no. Haha! (This is not the case she loves to eat veggies especially Asparagus and Green Beans.) The look from the Pediatrician though made me feel like I was left having to fill the gaps and explain that in fact, our 3-year-old’s diet is more than just Nuggets and Fries. 

Kids are Funny

But this is what kids do! They say/do some of the funniest things, and sometimes say/do the things we as adults are thinking, but know we really can’t say. It is really refreshing to read that Erika’s family is just like mine. (Her doodles are just icing on the laughter cake because they help you to imagine the funny situations.) After finishing Erika’s book, I really feel like it is a book expecting/new parents should put on their “Must Read List”.

Yeah ok, you can read about all of the trimesters, leaps, and years, about how your kids are going to grow and develop, but none of them are going to prepare you for the situations you are going to run into with kids. Potty training and playing in their own pee, or getting them to use public restrooms, to school and getting along with their siblings. What kids say, and how they respond to these situations is hilarious and as parents, we can’t make this stuff up, and in her book, Erika talks about it all.

So, are you ready to laugh your butt off? If so, you can find Erika’s book on Amazon. Kindle price is $3.99 and paperback is $14.99. Here is a link to make it easy. (This is not an affiliate link.) Order “Don’t Lick That!” by Erika Watts on Amazon.

Better yet want to win one…?!

The Giveaway

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The Giveaway is open to U.S. based readers, and it runs through Friday, December 7th at 11:59 PM. It is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Facebook or Instagram. A big thank you to Erika of Dorky Mom Doodles for sponsoring this giveaway. 

So, settle in…

Grab yourself a glass of wine, beer, or whatever your drink of choice is. Draw yourself a bath, find a comfortable place where the kids won’t find you or have access to you, and enjoy some “me” time while reading Dorky Mom Doodles, AKA Erika’s book. (Just don’t laugh too hard or your kids might find where you are hiding. Haha!) If you are looking for another great book to read make sure you check out my review of the book Me Before Mom.


Erika and I have been blogging colleagues for over a year now. She did provide me with a free copy of her book in exchange for my review. This was very kind of her because I was going to purchase it anyway. Haha! Even though I received a free copy all thoughts and opinions on her book are my own. Erika is truly amazing and funny. <3

Dorky Mom Doodles “Don’t Lick That!” Book Review & Giveaway!

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