• Toy Story 4 Prize Pack Giveaway
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    Toy Story 4 Prize Pack Giveaway

    Do you remember the first time you saw Toy Story on the big screen? I remember mine. It was so exciting and I loved it, and every Toy Story movie after. I grew up with Toy Story, and I am so excited my 1st child is now old enough to watch and enjoy the movies too. She is Woody and Buzz Lightyears biggest fan, and she goes crazy every time he see’s a promo for Toy Story 4. This month of June has been nothing but Toy Story in our house and I am ok with it! The Toy Story franchise has been extremely successful – and now the fourth…

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    DIY Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4 Forky Craft

    Toy Story Who here has grown up watching the Toy Story movies? I have, and they have been a big part of my childhood. Toy Story 3 turned me into a big baby, and I teared up throughout the movie. After Toy Story 3 I thought that was the end of the Toy Story movies. Welp, I was wrong! Haha! Later this month Disney/Pixar is coming out with Toy Story 4, and I am so excited! Not only do I get to continue watching the adventures of Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Hamm, Rex, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, and the Aliens, but Bo Peep is back! They have…

  • Mid-Atlantic Mom's On-the-Go
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    Introducing the Mid-Atlantic Mom’s On-the-Go

    Finding Your Online Tribe What happens when bloggers make friends? They form a community. What does that mean for you the reader? It means a big party. J/K Haha! It means you get more amazing content from different perspectives. That is why I am so excited to introduce a new joint venture with two other amazing bloggers, Mid-Atlantic Mom’s On-the-Go. Per our name all of us reside in the Mid-Atlantic and we cannot wait to share our combined love of Travel, Disney, Parenthood, Life, and more with you on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Group. Below are just some brief introductions for myself, Kristi, and Kristen. PLUS a sweet giveaway…

  • Tomorrowland Dessert Party
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    Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After Dessert Party

    Magical Extras Disney does a fantastic job of coming up with and offering great magical extras to help enhance your Disney vacation. One of those magical extra’s are their dessert parties. Each park has their own unique dessert party that is paired with entertainment. Animal Kingdom has their Rivers of Light dessert party during the Rivers of Light show. Epcot has their Frozen Ever After dessert party during the IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth show. Hollywood studios has their Star Wars Galactic Spectacular dessert party, and their Fantasmic Dessert viewing experience. Lastly, Magic Kingdom has 4 different dessert parties to choose from such as their Ferrytale dessert party, and 3 Tomorrowland…

  • secret life of pets giveaway
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    The Secret Life of Pets 2 Giveaway

    Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you aren’t around? As a dog owner this question runs though my mind all the time. Haha! (I am pretty sure my German Shepard is a genius, and just acts like a cranky old man as a cover.) Haha! In the 2016 movie The Secret Life of Pets we got to see a brief glimpse of the adventures of Max and Duke. Now there is a sequel! The Secret Life of Pets 2 is a sequel that fans have been waiting years for! To help celebrate its release, The Hopping Bloggers have come together to bring our readers a The Secret…

  • Formulate Review
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    Formulate Shampoo & Conditioner Review

    Disclaimer This post is sponsored. I did receive a free bottle of Formulate shampoo & conditioner, also a set to giveaway, from Formulate in exchange for my review. I spent week’s testing out the shampoo & Conditioner and all thoughts and opinions are my own. I would never recommend a product that either I or my family did not like. How’s My Hair? I am 15 months postpartum, and I do not love my hair. Haha! Well, I love the color. Haha! Not that I was totally in love with my hair before having kids, but after kids it has changed. I don’t get to shower as often as I…

  • Dutch Wonderland
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    Dutch Wonderland: An Amusement Park For All

    Disclosure: This year I am happy to announce I am a Dutch Wonderland Royal Ambassador! What does that mean? This means I received complimentary one day admission to their park in exchange for my review, and posts. I also received a discount link for my followers/readers. (Yeah savings!) As always, I would not recommend a product or experience I, or my family, did not like. Dutch Wonderland: A Kingdom for Kids! ® We had such a blast at Dutch Wonderland’s opening weekend. Located near Lancaster, PA Dutch Wonderland is a 43-acre amusement/theme park for all ages. (I reside in Maryland and the park is only 1.5 hours from my house.)…

  • avengers endgame
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    Avengers: Endgame Giveaway

    Who is ready for the Avengers: Endgame? Have you gotten your tickets yet? I have a feeling the movie is going to make audiences laugh, and cry. Well I know it is gong to make me laugh, and cry. (Ant Man always cracks me up. Haha!) I am also excited to see Captain Marvel finally joining the Avengers, and see what she contributes to the team. (If you haven’t see the new Captain Marvel movie you totally should, or you can read my review of the Captain Marvel movie HERE.) A great way to celebrate the movie of course is with a giveaway! If you are a super fan of…

  • C-Section Recovery Must Haves
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    C-Section Recovery Must Haves

    C-Section Planned or Not Here Comes Baby Some C-Sections are planned and others are not. However you birth, Natural or C-Section, birth is painful and the aftermath is… still painful. Haha! I have had two C-Sections. Both unplanned, but one of them was an emergency section. Recovery both times was not what I expected, but after my first one I learned a lot about what helps make the recovery process easier. Lessons Learned After my first C-Section I learned my house it not really user friendly for a person who is injured and on the mend. Some things I learned are that my bed is abnormally high. (I ended up…

  • Captain Marvel Movie Review
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    Movie Review: Captain Marvel

    How I Rate Movies I wanted to start this post out with a short view on how I rate movies. I’m not a movie critic. I go to the movies to be entertained, and rate movies based on certain criteria. Some of those criteria are: Was this movie worth paying movie ticket prices to see? Or is it more of a wait till it comes out for rent on Amazon kind of movie? Is it a movie I feel is better watched on the big screen? Did I get up and pee during the movie risking missing chunks of the movie? I think you get my drift here. Having said…