Disney+ Hallowstream 2021 Programming Lineup

It is time for Disney+ Hallowstream! It’s time for more TV/streaming services to release their 2021 Halloween content and Disney+ is the next up! I have started to decorate for fall and Halloween, and whenever a streaming service releases its spooky Halloween lineup it makes me want to decorate even more! Disney+ is smart though. […]

Cruella Movie Review: A True Villain Origin Story?

Who is Cruella de Vil? In the original 1961 animated movie, One Hundred and One Dalmations Cruella was a schoolmate of Anita, and as everyone knows tries to kidnap Anita and Roger’s dalmatian puppies so she can make a dalmatian coat. In 1996 Disney released a live-action remake of One Hundred and One Dalmations starring […]

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