8 Things to Consider Before Working for A Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Sales Company – Part 1

One of the first responses I hear/read when a stay at home mom asks “What can I do to bring in extra cash?” or “What are some good work from home jobs for stay at home mom’s?” is to work for a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)/Direct Sales Company. Companies like LuLaRoe, Pampered Chef, Partylite, Jamberry, etc. While working for a MLM/Direct Sales Company can be a great way to bring in extra cash it is not necessarily the best solution for everyone. There can be startup costs people can’t afford, ongoing costs such as business tools that can get pricey, and a lot more work than one originally thought. On the flip side, you can have no startup costs, make more than enough money to cover extra business tools, and have an amazing up line/leadership that trains you well and saves you time. I have been in Direct Sales for several years now and I can definitely say it is not for everyone. I can also say that I wish I had done more research into my current Direct Sales Company before I joined. Before you jump into the great big world of MLM/Direct Sales take a moment and consider the below, and make sure you do a lot of research into the MLM/Direct Sales Company you are considering.

The first question everyone asks: Can you make money working in MLM/Direct Sales? Yes, and sometimes no. Someone always makes money in a MLM/Direct Sales Company.  If you put in the time, energy, and money you can make a lot of money. (You may hear sometimes you have to spend money to make money.) I have met people in MLM/Direct Sales that make a living selling their wares. I have also met people who do not make anything, and it actually costs them more than what they are making to keep their business running. Now, having said that you will always get out what you put in. Those individuals who work their business every day, hustle, and work smarter not harder will make money. Those who view their Direct Sales business as a hobby or don’t put the time and effort in will not make anything.

How much do you love the product? If you love what you are selling it will show through in your presentations, and you will sell more product. It is also important that it be a product you use every day. In MLM/Direct Sales you are not just selling a product, but you are also selling yourself as a consultant as well. Customers do not want to have a consultant that is not passionate or don’t know anything about what they are selling. Also, the more you love the product the easier it may be to sponsor others to join your team. (One of the reason’s I started with my current Direct Sales Company is because of the woman who was going to be my leader. She was (is) vivacious, effervescent, honest, loves the product, and is just plain fun to be around.)

How much do you like your up line/leadership? Your up line/leadership individuals make more money if you make money. So therefore, they want you to succeed in your Direct Sales business. That’s ok. That is why it is called Multi-Level Marketing. There will always be tiers of people above you, and eventually below you. It makes it easier if you like and respect your up line/leadership. If you do not get along or see eye to eye with your up line/leadership you may not want to go training’s or it might start leaking into how you feel about your business. Remember, we are all adults. If you have issues, try talking them out. If nothing else works always remember that your up line/leadership also has an up line/leadership that you may be able to talk with.

Do you have the time, the drive, and are OK with being pushy sometimes? Being a Direct Sales Consultant takes time, drive, and sometimes pushiness. Make sure, before you sign up, to ask your sponsor how much time it may actually take to prep, hold, and finish out a party. While they my lure you in with a statement like “You can make over $100 in an hour at your customer’s parties.”, what they don’t tell you is how much time it takes to prep for the party, and input/finish the party at home. The time you spend on your party before and after also factors into how much you make an hour. (I found the best way to look at is not “How much an hour”, but “How much a day” can you make.) You will also need the drive to keep rocking your business every day and to move past all of the “No’s” you will get from individuals. The pushiness depends on you. I have seen Direct Sales Consultants who are very pushy, but make lots of money because of it. I have also seen others who are not pushy and still make money. Just know that you need to be careful not to alienate your friends, family, and customers with your pushiness; but also know that you may have to be slightly pushy sometimes to turn “No’s” and “Maybe’s” into “Yes” from your customer’s.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my blog post “8 Things to Consider Before Working for A Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Sales Company”. I will be discussing more questions/information, regarding money, one should ask or research before working for a MLM/Direct Sales Company.

**These are just some of the questions or information you should gather or ask yourself before you start your journey into MLM/Direct Sales. I hope I have not offended anyone who is currently in MLM/Direct Sales. Again, I myself have been in Direct Sales for several years and the above is what I wish I had asked or known before I started. The above is not meant to scare anyone way from starting their own Direct Sales business. It is just to make sure you are making as much of an informed decision as you can. There is money to be made in MLM/Direct Sales, but it just might not be a fit for everyone and that’s OK. Have experience in MLM/Direct Sales? I would love to hear your experiences and thoughts.**


8 Things to Consider Before Working for A Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Sales Company – Part 1

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