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First Haircut: Harmony Barber Shop in Magic Kingdom

To Cut or Not to Cut

Just like many parent’s it took my husband and I a while to decide if and when we wanted to get our first daughters’ haircut. She was born with a head full of hair and at 3 years old it was getting long. We would say things like, “It’s so beautiful long.”, or “We can wait a little bit longer to cut it.”, but the fact of the matter was it was starting to get a little hard to take care of.

We would brush our daughter’s hair almost every day, but when she slept it would get pretty tangled. She was not excited when the hair brush and detangler came out. So, we asked her if she would like to get her hair cut, and she said yes. The next question was where we would get it cut. Did we want to just take her to the local salon or make it more of a bigger deal. Again, we asked our daughter what she wanted to do, and also gave her the option to get it cut while we were on vacation in Disney World. She chose to get it cut in Disney World. (That’s my girl. Haha!)

Harmony Barber Shop

Salon Options

I sat down one day and looked over our vacation itinerary and the salon options at the different Walt Disney World resorts trying to figure out the details. (I originally was thinking the salon at the Grand Floridian.) Then I remembered there was a Barber shop in Magic Kingdom! The Harmony Barber shop. I called to see if they did first haircuts and if they had any openings that fit into our schedule, and they did!

The Details

When I called to make our appointment, I was surprised at how affordable it was. (Sometimes Disney extras can get expensive.) It was $25.00 for the haircut and it comes with First Haircut Mickey Ears and a certificate. The location is close to the front of the park. The Barber Shop is located on Main Street U.S.A right near the Emporium and city hall. (Super cool it is right next to where the parade vehicles are stored.) The employee I made the appointment with also let us know we could have a Cast Member Photographer come and take pictures for us. We just needed to come early to our appointment to let them know, and so they would have time to call one to come out.

Our Daughter Loved it!

Even though I had a mom moment and shed a tear our daughter loved getting her hair cut. She hopped right into the Barber chair with no fear and had a grand ol time playing with the spinning Elsa. We did have a Cast Member Photographer come out to take pictures, and it was the second best decision we made. (First was getting our daughters haircut at Harmony Barber Shop. Haha!) After we were done all she could talk about was her haircut. The ladies at Harmony Barber Shop were so kind and professional. All of them dealt with the children amazingly.

Overall the experience was amazing and so easy. I put together the above video of our experience. I would highly recommend the Harmony Barber Shop to any family looking for a magical first haircut experience, or even just an adult looking for a trim while on vacation. Did you know about the Harmony Barber Shop? If so, how was your experience? Let me know in the comments!

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