DIY Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4 Forky Craft

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Who here has grown up watching the Toy Story movies? I have, and they have been a big part of my childhood. Toy Story 3 turned me into a big baby, and I teared up throughout the movie. After Toy Story 3 I thought that was the end of the Toy Story movies. Welp, I was wrong! Haha! Later this month Disney/Pixar is coming out with Toy Story 4, and I am so excited!

Not only do I get to continue watching the adventures of Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Hamm, Rex, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, and the Aliens, but Bo Peep is back! They have also added some new characters, one of them being Forky, and he is making me laugh already. Not all sporks are created equal, and Forky proves that. So, in honor of Toy Story 4 I wanted to share with you how you can make your own Toy Story 4 Forky. It’s a great craft activity to make during a Toy Story themed party, or playdate!

Difficulty Level

Making your own Forky is actually not too hard. There is glue involved, and the Popsicle sticks do need to be trimmed, but I would put the age group for this craft around 5 years old or so. My 3 year old lost interest half way through making her Forky, but she loved the end product. For adults it will take about 15 minutes, but provide hours of entertainment.

Toy Story 4 DIY Forky Craft


I was able to purchase materials on Amazon for under $30, and it was enough materials to make over 20 Forky’s. Haha! You will need sporks, Popsicle or jumbo wood craft sticks, googly eyes, modeling clay, chenille stems/pipe cleaners, glue, scissors, and a marker.

Step 1

Take your pipe stem and center it on the handle of your spork. Wrap each side of the pipe stem around the spork. Decide on how long you would like the arms to be and start bending the pipe stem in an M shape to create fingers on one side. I can usually get 3 fingers, and then I wrap the pointy end of the pipe stem around the “wrist area” of the pipe stem. Do the same on the other side. Once you have the hands glue the pipe stem wrapped around the spork handle to try and keep your Forky’s arms from moving up and down the handle.

Step 2

Pick which googly eyes you will be using and glue them onto the back of the spork. Select which modeling clay you will be using for your Forky’s eye brows and mouth. (I used red for the eyebrows and blue for his mouth.) Take a little bit and roll it out to the length and thickness you would like. Then clue them onto your Forky’s face.

Step 3

Cut your Popsicle or wooden craft sticks to the length you would like your Forky’s feet to be. Take a big ball of modeling clay, roll it up into a ball, and stick the handle of your Forky in it. Then place the feet on the bottom and shape the modeling clay around the ends of the Popsicle or wooden craft sticks. Making sure the feet and spork handle are snug in the clay. (I put some glue in there just to be safe.) Your Forky is almost done!

Step 4

Now it is time to sign your master piece! With a marker write whatever you like on the bottom of your Forky’s feet. (I made one Forky with my name, and then one with Bonnie’s name.)

What I really love about this craft is you can get so creative with your Forky’s. Different colored modeling clay’s can be used to create multiple facial expressions, and so much more. No Forky is the same!

Show Your Forky Off!

Now it’s time to take your Forky on adventures, and show him/her off. Let me know in the comments if you made your own Toy Story 4 Forky, and what adventures you two have been on!

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