Top 5 Reasons I Love MommyCon

I Have A Secret

Well it’s not really a secret if you know me, but I am a huge fan of MommyCon. This will be my 3rd year in a row going, and I am already trying to decide which one I will go to next year. (I am attending MommyCon Philly this year.) There is a reason I am so in love with MommyCon. Actually, there are several reasons I love MommyCon, and this year with the closing of Toy’s R US/Babies R Us I am reminded of them. Below are my top 5 reasons why I love MommyCon. (Oh, and a free ticket giveaway as well!)

Reason One

It’s a small business helping other small businesses. MommyCon was created by a mom, Xza, and she has grown her small business into an international convention. I love when you go to a MommyCon event you get a chance to be introduced to many other small businesses as well. Most don’t know but small natural parenting stores sell almost the same products you can find online, and in big box stores. They will even most times go as far as to special order products for their customers. How can one find out about any local small businesses in the baby market? At MommyCon!

Reason Two

Meeting role models. The owners and speakers may, or may not, have capes like superheroes, but they are superheroes! It takes a lot of guts, blood,sweat, tears, time, money, and determination to start and run a small business,and I look up to them for that. Some of the small business owners and speakers attending MommyCon events started at the bottom and have turned their businesses into multimillion-dollar businesses. These are the role models I want my children to look up too.

Reason Three

All topics about babies and parenting are on the table for discussion. Different MommyCon events have different sessions but you will see sessions on cloth diapering, babywearing, postpartum depression, loss, menstruation, getting your kid to eat, sustainability, and so on. The sessions aren’t like classes either.You have the opportunity most times to actually talk with the presenter and ask questions because they are just like us.

Reason Four

The community. Going to MommyCon events has introduced me to different parenting communities and has also introduced me to new friends. Do you want to know why there are all those memes throughout the internet about how it’s hard for moms to make friends? The answer… because it is. With everything moms have to do we sometimes hardly have enough time to take care of ourselves let alone find friends who fit. MommyCon offers parent’s the opportunity to engage and find like-minded parents. This is done not just at the event’s, but also in their online communities and influencer networks.

Reason Five

Lastly, shopping! I look forward to shopping at MommyCon because they pretty much have everything a parent could want to shop for. You get a chance to see some of the newer baby products out on the market, and you get to try them out.For me the closing of Toy’s R US/Babies R US means I have to drive over an hour to a different store to be able to try out any baby products I am interested in. While I love shopping on Amazon and going to Target I still need to touch and feel most of the products I buy, and Target’s baby section isn’t huge and Amazon is all online. So where am I going to try out these products!? The answer? MommyCon!

Giveaway! – Closed

So, who’s ready to take the step and attend with me?! There are many ticket options, and ways to reduce ticket cost. (If you use PRETTYINBABYFOOD18 at check out you will save 10% off your ticket!) To learn more about 2018  tickets you can visit the MommyCon FAQ page HERE

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Giveaway runs from 6/19/2018 through 6/26/2018. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 26th at noon. Winner will receive 2 free general admission tickets to any remaining MommyCon in 2018. (Philadelphia, Pasadena,Orlando, and San Diego.) Giveaway is in no way affiliated with Facebook or Instagram

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