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Blue’s Clues & You! Blue & Magenta DIY Ears Craft

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Blue’s Clues & You! Blue & Magenta Ears

The new Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue DVD is out now, you can read all about the new DVD HERE. And what better way to celebrate it than with a DIY craft! Whether you love to create DIY dress-up costumes for every day or you need a costume for Halloween these DIY Blue’s Clues & You! Blue and Magenta ears are the perfect addition to your costume wardrobe. This DIY craft takes about an hour to put together, but the ears will need to sit for a couple of hours to set. (A great craft to do and let sit overnight.) Below are the supplies and directions you need to get crafting!

Blues clues and you DIY Blue and Magenta Ears

Supplies you will need for Blue’s Ears: Ear template, blue headband, light blue felt (12”x18” size), dark blue felt, 2 chenille stems, scissors, clamps, and glue. (Glue gun, felt glue or regular glue all will work.)

Supplies you will need for Magenta’s Ears: Ear template, pink/magenta headband, light pink felt (12”x18” size), dark pink felt, 2 chenille stems, scissors, clamps, and glue. (Glue gun, felt glue or regular glue all will work.)

Click the below picture to download the ear template you will need.

Blue's Clues & You!

Directions: Steps 1-4

1. Print out the ear template and cut it out. 2. Fold your light blue felt in half and on the crease cut out the shape of the ear. You will want to do this twice. Because felt is a little finicky you may have to do some trimming around the edges to smooth your edges. 3. After you are done trimming you need to glue the chenille stems inside the ear. (The chenille stems make it so the ears are bendable and will stand up.) 4. After you have glued the chenille stems in you need to add glue around the edges of the ear and fold the ear sides together. NOTE: Do not glue the crease side of the felt. This is the part of the ear that will be slid onto and glued to the headband later.

Directions: Steps 5-10

5. Your next step is to fold your ears over, and cut out the dots for the ears using the dark blue felt. Personally, I do circles and jelly bean shapes, but any shape will work! 6. After cutting out the dot shapes glue them on to your ears. You are almost done! 7. Slide your ears onto your headband and decide where you want to place them. Once you know where you want your ears to sit glue them in place. 8. To glue them in place first glue them onto the top and bottom of the headband. Then put glue on the top part of the felt, and fold the ear over onto itself. 9. Clamp the ear in place and let the glue dry for several hours or overnight. 10. After your ears are done drying your Blue or Magenta ears are done!

Step 10. Here are the finished product! If you make the ears let me know in the comments!

Blue's Clues custom craft

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