LaLabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review – A Good Cloth Diaper Will Save You Money

I am so excited to write a review on the Lalabye baby diaper that I purchased months ago. It was love at first use. I have acquired and used an assortment of different all in 1 and all in 2 diapers from many different diaper companies trying to find the best diaper for my money and needs. The point of cloth diapers is to save money, but it is hard to do that if you do not have a great diaper for a great cost. So here is why I love Lalabye baby diapers.


Fit – I have found from cloth diapering that I need to use the rise adjuster snaps for my LO. Usually the last one, but on some other diapers I don’t need to use the rise snaps, and then on other’s I do and its further down. Thinking I was in for a couple of minutes of adjusting and finding the right fit I set the diaper on the last rise snaps and tried it on my LO. I was blown away with the fit of the diaper. It fit perfectly! There were no leg gaps, the diaper was snug around the back and waist, the fit was trim, and the diaper had colored adjustment snaps so I could remember what snap placement works best for my child. (Great feature for cloth diapering at daycare!)  I have never had a diaper that fit my child so beautifully without fiddling with it for a while. I also have not experienced any leaks with my Lalabye diaper which means the fit and absorbency is great! (Another great money-saving feature of these diapers is they are made to last you from newborn through potty training. The Lalabye baby website says approximately 8-35+ pounds.)

Absorbency/function – Lalabye baby shells have a micro-suede interior, and the inserts are bamboo. The diaper can be used as a pocket or an all in 1. 20161011_155426I am personally not a big fan of pocket diapers, but I love that this diaper lets you choose based on your needs. The inserts being made from bamboo makes them super absorbent. The inserts are 1/4 the size of other popular cloth diapers, and because of this the Lalabye baby diaper has a very trim fit. (Which saves you money since you don’t have to purchase extra pants that fit cloth diapers.)

20161011_155414Prep – While there are diapers out on the market that are quicker to prep Lalabye baby diapers are not the worst. One wash for the shells and 4 with the inserts. (Make sure to separate your fabrics. The bamboo inserts should not be prepped with the micro-suede shells.) I have a diaper that took 10 washes before it was fully prepped. (A diaper that can be prepped quickly will save you money and time.)

Cost – I would say the cost of Lalabye baby diapers are mid-range. They sell for $19.95, but if you purchase them on sale or use points from your favorite cloth diaper retailer the price will be lower. It is definitely better than some other popular diapers that run almost $30.

Prints – Lalabye baby diapers mainly come in solids, but have some print’s they are running. The print I got is called hatching dragon. I will one day get my hands on a Seven Seas Lalabye baby. Haha!20161011_155403

The Company – I love supporting families and it is awesome that Lalabye baby is a small family own business. You can learn more about them here.

In all I highly recommend Lalabye baby cloth diapers. I am a parent just like you trying to find the best product out there for my children. I was not compensated for my review and my review is of my own experience with this product. Lalabye Baby offers an awesome diaper that is going to save you money through out your cloth diaper journey. You can check them out on their website at

LaLabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review – A Good Cloth Diaper Will Save You Money

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