C-Section Recovery Must Haves

C-Section Recovery Must Haves

C-Section Planned or Not Here Comes Baby

Some C-Sections are planned and others are not. However you birth, Natural or C-Section, birth is painful and the aftermath is… still painful. Haha! I have had two C-Sections. Both unplanned, but one of them was an emergency section. Recovery both times was not what I expected, but after my first one I learned a lot about what helps make the recovery process easier.

C-Section Recovery Must Haves

Lessons Learned

After my first C-Section I learned my house it not really user friendly for a person who is injured and on the mend. Some things I learned are that my bed is abnormally high. (I ended up having to use a bucket to get into bed. Haha!) Recliner chairs are amazing and everyone should have a Lazy Boy reclining type chair in their home. (For both of my C-Sections I could not sleep laying down and had to sleep in a chair sitting up for weeks.) Dishes, doing laundry, and cleaning suck. (I already knew this but when injured they suck more. Haha!) Even the little things like sitting down on the toilet, and getting off the toilet are hard to do when injured. Add in having to take care of a newborn, and any other children just puts icing on the cake.

C-Section Recovery
Meeting my first child face to face for the first time.

C-Section Must Haves

So, what are some of the things I learned are must haves after having a C-Section? As mentioned above having a reclining chair with lots of pillows in the wings just in case sleeping flat is a no go. A bassinet with an adjustable base so you can lower it for when you are in bed, or sitting. Padsicles/ice packs, Tucks pads, and Depends. You will want some form of ice packs or padsicles for when you get home for some relief. A lot of times women end up pushing for hours before going in for C-Sections so you will be in pain in two places. Along with the pain you are going to probably have hemorrhoids so Tucks pads will help with those. Personally, I found Depends to be better for my postpartum bleeding then regular pads.

You might not think of it, but cough drops. If you get intubated, or sick, your throat is going to be irritated and coughing after having a C-Section is not fun/can cause more injury. Easily prepared food/food gift cards. This one is a great must have for however you birth, but after a C-Section bending over/down is painful so food that is easily prepared or ordered is a must. This might seem obvious, but plain old good fashion help around the house is a must after have a C-Section. I believe every woman deserves to recover after child birth without having to worry about every day chores. (Really, she should be relaxing and bonding with baby.) BUT if it stresses her out more to have ppl helping with everyday things then just be there and spend time with her.

Other Items You Might Not Think About

Some of these items are not necessarily needed, and would be up to you, but they helped me personally. A belly binder. After my second C-Section, which was an emergency section, I used a belly binder for weeks. TV streaming service such as Hulu, Netflix, etc. I know a lot of people already have TV service in their homes, but when you have a new baby and are up all hours of the night binge watching a good show is great. Something to help you get on/off the toilet. Whether it is a person or a handle bar in the bathroom something to assist you might be needed. (Getting stuck on the toilet isn’t fun. Haha!)

C-Section Recovery
Second C-Section Recovery

A good mirror or someone willing to look at your incision. You may not want too, but you will need to keep tabs on your C-Section incision so having a good mirror or another pair of eyes to look at it is a big help. Lastly, a nursing pillow. You can use regular pillows, but a boppy or breast friend nursing pillow help tremendously for holding/positioning baby for feeding after a C-Section.

Hope This List Helps

I hope this list of items helps Moms/ Dads/friends who are wondering what may be helpful in case of a C-Section. If you had a C-Section what are somethings you found were helpful during your recovery period?

C-Section Recovery Must Haves

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