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D23 Expo News This Disney Fan Is Excited About

D23 Expo 2019

D23 Expo 2019 has ended and Disney dropped a whole lot of info on new things coming to the parks, movies, merchandise, etc. Disney is making sure they are everywhere! Below is just some of the news that came out of the D23 Expo, and what this Disney fan is excited about and looking forward to the most.

D23 Expo

Disney Stores in Target

A huge piece of news that was announced at D23 was about Disney stores, and you are about to see more Disney Merch in Targets. I am excited but unsure about this announcement. I love going to Target, but I also love going to the Disney Store. Each store has its own feel and magic. Together I am not sure they will be able to keep that magic. (We shall see!)

Below are 25 stores that have new small Disney stores coming October 4th. (With 40 more locations opening by October 2020.) That’s right, you will be able to purchase Disney merchandise that would normally be available on Shop Disney or in an actual Disney Store, at Target. You can click HERE to learn more, and see a preview of a space. Is your local Target on the below list?

2019 D23 Expo


At D23 there were more Disney+ shows and movies announced. Disney is making it really hard for fans of Marvel and Star Wars to not subscribe. You can read all about what is coming to Disney’s new streaming service, what I am looking forward to watching on Disney+, and how to receive the D23 Expo discount to sign up as a founding member here!

d23 Disney Plus

Disney Genie App

Need help planning your itinerary for your trip to Disney? Don’t worry. Disney’s new Genie app is here to help! It seems the new app will be able to help plan your day based on what you would like to do. Did your schedule change? The Genie app will re-evaluate your schedule. Disney is trying hard to optimize your Disney vacation experience. I am interested to see how the app works, and if it is actually a time saver. As a parent no matter how much planning we put into our Disney vacation itinerary things change. (Kids. Haha!) If the app works it could be a GAME CHANGER. (When I mean works I am talking about the app not going down due to high user volume, or crashing on your phone. Haha!)

Changes To Epcot

Epcot is getting a makeover! I am a little nervous with all of the changes comping to Epcot. Epcot is my favorite park. I love the feel and the World Showcase. Is Epcot my kid’s favorite park? Not so much, but with all of the changes coming to it that might change. The entrance to Epcot is getting a makeover, and there will be different sections to the park, World Celebration, World Showcase, World Discovery, and World Nature. They are adding a new Walt Disney Statue and a wishing tree.

New attractions I am looking forward to coming to Epcot are the Mary Poppins attraction in the UK, Remy Ratatouille Adventure in France, and the new Journey of Water attraction inspired by Moana. For Disney foodies, a new restaurant at Mission Space Pavillion called space 220 opens this winter. All of the new attractions seem to be coming in 2020 so it is possible Disney is hoping to have everything completed and done just in time for Disney Worlds 50th anniversary celebration in 2021. We shall see!

Star Wars: Galatic Starcruiser Hotel Experience

I love Star Wars. I am going to be so excited when I finally get a chance to visit Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World. Now Disney has me even more excited about their 2-night immersive experience aboard the Halcyon. Based on information from D23 it seems like the experience will be like a Disney cruise but in space. You will interact with other guests and the crew, and get to stop at Batuu! I have heard pricing being thrown around with people comparing it to Disney cruise pricing, but I am going to wait to comment on that till people can actually book the experience.


I love movies. I love going to the movies, and watching them at home. More movies were announced at D23 and it looks like the next couple of years is coming up Disney. Here are some of the Disney movies discussed/or announced at D23 I am looking forward to seeing and reviewing over the next couple of years. Frozen II November 22, 2019, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker December 20, 2019, Pixar Onward March 2020, Pixar’s Soul June 2020, Jungle Cruise July 2020, Raya and the Last Dragon November 2020, The Eternals November 2020, Cruella May 2021, and Black Panther May 2022. This is not an all-inclusive list. It does not contain movies already announced. (Such as Marvel Phase 4 movies.) Haha! That would make this list 4 times as long.

The above is just a snippet of the news that came out of this year’s D23! (Can you imagine!?) What news out of D23 are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments!

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