Holly wreath ornaments

Easy DIY Holly Wreath Ornament

Holiday Memories

Every Christmas my siblings and I would gather around the tree or dining room table and make homemade Christmas Tree ornaments. My mom sometimes would purchase kits from the local craft store or we would just decorate what we had at the house.

As we got older, we ended up missing some years, but it was a tradition that has stuck with me. It is also one of those traditions I hope to continue with my kids. This year my oldest, who is 4 years old, is old enough to get into the holiday spirit, but not old enough to do certain crafts. (Beads are a no go. Haha!) I wanted to create an ornament we both could enjoy making, but something she could partly do herself. So, I created the Holly Wreath Ornament!

Holly Wreath Ornament

Easy Make at Home Holly Wreath Ornament

I wanted an ornament with a minimum number of parts, where my daughter could use her creativity, and practice skills for school. To make the Holly Wreath Ornament all you will need is the templates, scissors, crayons/markers, glue, string, and a hole punch. (This is also a great craft for a little bit of glitter. Haha!)

Materials for easy DIY Holly Wreath Ornament

How to Make Your Ornament

First, you will need to Click Here to download your holly leaves and wreath templates. Print them out, and then let your child color them. (Another cute little touch you can do is have your child, or you, write down what everyone is thankful for this holiday season on the holly leaves.) Once they are done coloring, work with your child on using the scissors to cut them out. After all of the pieces have been cut out you can start gluing the holly leaves onto the wreath. You can add as little or as many leaves as you like just make sure to leave a section free. Let the glue dry, and then punch a hole in the section without a leaf and add your ornament string. Make sure to have your child sign and date the back of the ornament, and then that’s it!

Make A Couple or Make A Lot!

Each ornament will come out different, and it is an art project your little one can work on over a couple of days or weeks. They also make cute little DIY gifts from your child to friends and family.

If you make the Holly Wreath Ornament, I would love to hear about how it went. Also, if you are looking for ways to help spread the holiday cheer this season click HERE to read my holiday charity giving guide. Happy Holidays!

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    1. Yes! I was trying to create a craft that would help with preschool and kindergarten skills. When you do I would love to see pictures!

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