2021 Sweet Suite At Home Recap & Favorite Toy's List
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2021 Sweet Suite At Home Recap & Favorite Toy’s

Toys, toys, toys!

Where can you see all of the new and hot toys coming to the market? Well, at Sweet Suite of course! Last year I was super excited to be invited to attend The Toy Insiders 2020 Sweet Suite at home, and their Holiday of Play events. (Here is my review of last year’s convention, and here is my Holiday of Play review.) Again I was honored to be invited this year and so of course I need to bring you my 2021 Sweet Suite At Home Recap & Favorite Toy’s List!

2021 Sweet Suite At Home Recap & Favorite Toy's

What is The Toy Insider 2021 Sweet Suite At Home Event?

Sweet Suite is one of the biggest toy conventions and it is usually held in person in NYC. But because of world events, in 2020, they decided to switch to an online platform. The Toy Insider has done a fabulous job of making this switch and has created an event that is not only entertaining but so easy to navigate. The event is all day and for good reason. (It’s a day full of zoom meetings, but they are worth it.) This year at 2021 Sweet Suite At Home there were over 100 toy companies. Which means TONS OF TOYS to see and learn about. Haha! But out of all of the toys I saw, there were some clear standouts I felt were my favorite. As well as toys I felt would be hot toys this year. Let’s dive into my favorites!

Got2Glow Fairy Finder – From WowWee

Got to Glow Fairy Finder WowWee

My girl’s selected Got2Glow fairy finder as their favorite toy of Sweet Suite, and I think it is going to be a hot toy this fall and holiday season. Got2Glow fairy finder is like pokemon go but with fairies. You can collect 30+ virtual fairies per jar, but there are 100+ fairies you can collect in total. Walk around anywhere with your jar open looking for fairies. You never know when one is going to fly in! (They can also come and go as they please.)

Have a friend who has a Got2Glow Fairy Finder? You can trade fairies with them! You can play with your fairies, hug them, feed them, and more. There is also a Find My Fairy App which gives you information on your fairies. The Got2Glow Fairy Finder is for ages 5+. Got2Glow Fairy Finder is not out yet, but it is available for pre-order. It will come in 3 styles: Pink, Blue, and a Walmart Exclusive Glow In The Dark. They will retail for $39.99.

Zombie Chase – PlayMonster

Zombie Chase PlayMonster

Zombies are on the loose in an amusement park and you have got to escape, but will you make it or become a zombie? I love everything about this game for kids. There are two ways to win. You can either escape or become a zombie and turn everyone else into a zombie. It is a game both kids and adults will be entertained by and would make a great addition to family game night. Zombie Chase is listed for kids 7+, is for 2-6 players, and will retail for a suggested price of $19.99. The game is available now!

Tamagotchi Pix – Bandai

Purple Tamagotchi Pix Device

I don’t know about you but I had a Tamagotchi growing up and I loved it. They have come a long way since then, and I am seriously starting to think about getting another one. Haha! (Maybe a family one. Haha!) The new Tamagotchi Pix really caught my eye at Sweet Suite. First of all, Tamagotchi Pix is in color. (Game-changer.) I love this. It also has a built-in camera that lets you take pictures as part of the game. You can cook for your Tamagotchi, explore the world, meet friends, and how you raise your Tamagotchi affects their future on Tamagotchi Planet. Beyond Pix Tamagotchi also has special collaborations with Hello Kitty, Demon Slayer, PAC-MAN, Evatchi, and coming soon STAR WARS. Yes, Star Wars. It’s amazing and I cannot wait. Tamagotchi Pix retails for $59.99 and is out now. Age range 6-12.

Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse – Spin Master

Gabby's Dollhouse Ultimate Dollhouse

My girl’s second favorite toy of Sweet Suite is the Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse. If you have a Gabby’s Dollhouse fan then this is the toy for them. This toy is over two feet tall and is just like Gabby’s Dollhouse in the show. It comes with 2 figures, 8 pieces of furniture, 2 deliveries, and 3 accessories. It is recommended for ages 3+ and retails for $59.99.

Blue’s Clues Toys – Just Play

Just Play Blues Clues and You Check-Up Time Blue

Another great pre-school show that is a staple in our house is Blue’s Clues & You! During Sweet Suite, I saw 2 Blue’s Clues toys that I think are going to be big hits with Blue’s Clues & You! fans. The first is Blue’s Clues & You! Check-up Time Blue. It is the perfect toy for those kids that love to play doctor or even those who have slight anxiety when visiting the doctor. Blue comes dressed up in a patient gown, and you can use the accessories to give Blue a check-up. There is a thermometer, otoscope, stethoscope, pretend medicine, a face mask, and stretchy bandage. This toy is already on my youngest Christmas list. Haha! Blue’s Clues & You! Check-up Time Blue is for ages 3+ and will retail for $34.99. Available fall 2021.


The next Blue’s Clues & You! toy that will be a hit with kids is the Blue’s Clues & You! Cook-Along Kitchen Set. If you are looking for a play kitchen for your kids then this is a great option. This toy is great for teaching kids how to cook. From teaching your little ones to wash their hands before cooking to everything in between this toy will entertain your kids for hours. The Blue’s Clues & You! Cook-Along Kitchen Set comes with a Handy Dandy Recipe Notebook, pan, spatula and spoon, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper shakers, Tickety Tock, plate, cup, pizza tray, and 12 play food accessories. Adult assembly is required for this toy. Recommended for ages 3+ with a retail price of $59.97; Available fall 2021.

Magic in Motion Hair Glow Rapunzel Doll – Jakks Toys

Magical Hair Rapunzel

Do your kids sit down and brush your hair while making you sing the hair brushing song from Tangled? (Flower gleam and glow…) No? Just mine? Haha! Well, if you have a child who loves Disney Princesses this toy may just end up on their wish list. This Rapunzel doll is interactive and her lips move when she sings and talks. She will walk kids through brushing and styling her hair. Her hair even glows! Haha! Magic in Motion Hair Glow Rapunzel Doll comes with a hairbrush, hair straightener, 3 hair clips, 2 hair twists, and elastic bands. Recommended for ages 3+ for a retail price of $59.99. Available Fall 2021.

Giant Eggman Robot Battle Set – Jakks Toys

Giant Eggman Robot Battle Set

Like the Tamagotchi, Sonic the Hedgehog was a big part of my childhood, and I love that I can share my childhood with my own kids. This fall, Jakks Toys will be releasing a super cool Giant Eggman Robot Battle Set game this fall and I have put it on my own must-have list. The name of the game is to catapult Sonic at Eggman. If you hit Eggman in the chest 3 times he is defeated and explodes. (Ok, he just falls apart, but still, it’s super cool.) This is another game that would be a perfect addition to family game night. Recommended for ages 3+ and will retail for $39.99. Again, available Fall 2021.

Cats vs. Pickles

I will be honest, this toy was a complete surprise for me, but I am addicted. If you had a huge beanie baby collection growing up, or have kids now who collect beanie babies then you will want to start a Cats vs. Pickles collection. There are over 200 characters to collect. They range from special holiday cats or pickles, to food, and more. Even better they are a blind bag toy some you never know who you are going to get.

Each character has a name, backstory, number, and QR code that takes you to the Cats vs. Pickles app. There are even condo accessories you can buy for your cats vs. pickles. I mean look how cute they are! Recommended for ages 4+ and their retail price varies. The 4″ Cats vs. Pickles and Holiday mystery packs retail for $4.99. The 8.5″ jumbos retail for $20.00. The 20″ huggers retail for $29.99. The themes kitty condos retail for $19.99 and the deluxe kitty condos retail for $49.99.

What do you think of my 2021 Sweet Suite At Home Recap & Favorite Toys List? Will any of these toys be on your kid’s wishlist this year? Let me know in the comments!

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