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Osmo Super Studio: A Little Bit of Disney At Home

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Even though my oldest is not yet in school she loves to learn. Because every kid learns differently I have had to watch my daughter to see what holds her attention and drives her. Books, where you draw a letter over and over, is not her jam, but she will make letters and use/play with her Osmo games for hours. I continually try to get her to do workbooks since handwriting is very important, but for now, we have been using Osmo Super Studio for this purpose.

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I love that our collection of Osmo games has grown. You can read my review of Osmo Detective Agency HERE, and my overall review of Osmo HERE. On top of being an Osmo family, we are also a Disney family, and Osmo offers games in collaboration with Disney. These games are called Super Studios! Continue reading below to learn about Osmo Super Studio, and how you can bring a little bit of Disney home with Osmo.

Disclosure – This post is sponsored. I did receive Osmo products in exchange for my review and posting on social media. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I would not recommend a product or a company I have not tried or do not like. 

How does Osmo Work

So, how does Osmo work? Well, you need 3 things, the base, reflector, and Osmo game with pieces. Then what you do on the workbook or pad reflects onto the tablet. It’s so cool because kids can see their creations come to life. Osmo also has many more games that cover a wide age range (3-12 years). Such as coding, numbers, letters, words, and more Disney/Pixar Super Studios. Osmo is sold on their website, and the Super Studio’s are priced at $19. (The base, iPad and Fire tablet, is priced at $39. Osmo can also be purchased at Target, Best Buy, Apple, and Amazon.)

How Do The Super Studios Work?

With Osmo Super Studios your child uses their imagination and creativity to learn to draw objects. The reflector projects what your child has drawn on their pad onto their tablet screen and the Osmo software brings it to life! The pads are reusable because a special marker is used that can be wiped away giving kids endless opportunities to showcase their creativity. Currently, Osmo has 4 Super Studios, Incredibles 2, Mickey Mouse and Friends, Frozen 2, and Disney Princesses.

We have 2 Osmo Super Studio games, Frozen 2 and Disney Princesses. My daughter loves to draw pictures while going through the Frozen and Frozen 2 stories. She also enjoys playing the Disney Princesses Super Studio where she gets to draw things for Belle, Ariel, and Rapunzel. Out of all of the Osmo games, the Super Studios are the ones that are the most challenging for her. Using the Super Studios she is learning how to properly hold a pen/pencil, draw shapes, and we use the pages to help her write letters and numbers. (She loves being able to wipe away what she has written. Haha!)

Osmo has been a game-changer for us when it comes to learning and playing at home, and since we cannot go to Disney Parks right now Osmo has been bringing the Disney magic to us. You can learn more about Osmo on my Instagram HERE.

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