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Kids Learn Differently

You might now know this, but from 2nd grade through high school I was homeschooled. I also had 2 other siblings who were homeschooled at the same time. During this time, I watched my siblings and I learned that different kids learn differently. Some kids can read a book and understand all the concepts and everything in it. It just clicks for them. Other kids need visual aids for things to make sense. My brother and I were those kids. (I still am a lot of times.) An example, I was bad at math. I just didn’t get it. So, my mom used a math curriculum that came with blocks/tiles that I could use as a visual to help me learn. It helped tremendously. Another thing I learned while being homeschooled is that a lot of kids will act out if they get bored when learning isn’t fun for them.

Now that my own kids are reaching school age, I am taking these lessons learned and trying to find products that can help facilitate learning in a fun and visual way. One product I found and my kids and I really enjoy is Osmo. But what is Osmo, how does it work, and what are my thoughts? Read below for my full Osmo Review!

Osmo Review Learning Made Fun

Disclosure – This post is sponsored. I did receive Osmo products in exchange for my review and posting on social media. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I would not recommend a product or a company I have not tried or do not like. 

What is Osmo?

Osmo offers a wide range of educational games for kids, but what makes these games great are they are interactive. Kids nowadays could spend endless hours on their tablets playing games and learn nothing. With Osmo, kids are using their tablets and Osmo sketchpads, blocks, shapes, and other accessories to draw and create along with the game. Kids will see their creation and hard work come to life on their tablet screen. The games have different age ranges, but you can find an Osmo game for kids ages 3-12.

Play Osmo Review

How Does Osmo Work?

Osmo is a compilation of games you download to your tablet where your child can learn all sorts of things, numbers, letters, shapes, coding, geography, etc. Osmo works with either an iPad or a Fire tablet. To make Osmo work you need to download the games and have the correct base and red reflector that goes with the type of tablet you have. (An iPad base/reflector will not work with a Fire tablet and so on.) Why? Because Osmo uses the red reflector to reflect what your child has created during their game on their sketchpad or silicone mat onto the tablet screen. (Without the correct base/reflector Osmo will not be able to do this.) Since I am a visual learner I have created an Osmo highlight on my Instagram where you can see it set up and how it works. You can view it HERE.

My Osmo Review

What are my thoughts? We love Osmo! Today, while my 4-year-old was watching TV, I asked if she wanted to play Osmo. She perked right up, turned off the TV, and asked if she could play the Little Genius games. She wanted to play their Squiggle Magic and Costume Party games. After playing those she wanted to play the Frozen 2 Super Studio. We spent a good 1.5 hours while her sister napped spending time together playing with Osmo.

Little does my daughter know, but the games are educational as well as fun. Some things we have been working on with her are paying attention and following directions. (Most times she just dives right in without knowing what’s going on.) Playing the Costume Party game, I watched her slow down and watch the character’s reactions to what she was doing. She learned pretty quickly what the game was actually trying to get her to do by following the prompts.

She also loves to play Osmo’s Frozen 2 Super Studio. We have been working on shapes with her and that is exactly what Osmo’s Frozen 2 Super Studio is all about. She loves to watch her creations come to life on the tablet. Her ability to follow directions and shapes have gotten so much better since playing with Osmo. Set up is easy, and if you do have a question Osmo customer service is amazing. Osmo makes learning fun and I cannot wait to see how much my daughter learns over the coming months!


The two kits we got from Osmo are their Little Genius Starter Kit that comes with a base and the Frozen 2 Super Studio. The Little Genius Starter Kit retails for $79.00, but you can get it cheaper when it’s on sale. Frozen 2 Super Studio retails for $19.00, and again you can get it cheaper when it is on sale. In my opinion, Osmo is worth every penny on sale or not. You can purchase Osmo products on their website or at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and the Apple Store.

Osmo Also Makes A Great Gift!

Osmo makes a great gift for all of the kids in your life. Super plus if you are a Disney fan Osmo has other games that include your favorite Disney Princesses, Incredibles Characters, and of course Mickey Mouse and friends. If you have a Frozen fan make sure you check out my Frozen 2 Gift Ideas for Kids and Tweens. Osmo’s Frozen 2 Super Studio is one of my top Frozen 2 gift ideas.

Do you have Osmo? If so, I would love to hear all about your Osmo Review!

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