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Holiday of Play @ Home Toy Event: Our Top Toys

Early this year I attended The Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite @ Home toy fair. (You can read my review HERE.) Usually, it is an event held in person, but due to the year 2020 being a mess it was held virtually. Well, The Toy Insider just held their Holiday toy event, Holiday of Play @ Home, and I was able to attend! While not as big as the summer event I still had a blast at The Holiday of Play @ Home. I love being able to see what toy companies are coming up with and finding out what may be the hot toy of the Holiday season. So, with the help of my 5-year-old who attended the event with me, here are our top toys from The Toy Insider Holiday of Play @ Home event!

The Toy Insider Holiday of Play at Home Our Top Toys


One of our top toys from the Sweet Suite @ Home event and the Holiday of Play @ Home event is Tonies. Tonies may sound familiar to you since I have posted about them before, but we love them. It is a fantastic screen-free toy for younger kids. You place a Tonie on the Toniebox and it will play music and tell stories. You can also use the Creative Tonies to record your own messages. To find out more about Tonies you can read my full review of Tonies HERE.


Funko Games – Marvel Battleworld, and Something Wild Card Games

Personally, I am a huge Funko fan. I collect the Pops!, and I am hoping to start passing my love of them on to my kids. Funko Games was at Holiday of Play and they have some games that are perfect for kids, and adults alike. There were two I really liked. Something Wild! is a card game that would be great for teaching kids colors, numbers, etc. bonus points for the fact that the different decks are cute! Marvel Battleworld is another Funko Games product that I think is great for kids and adults. For kids who are not yet old enough to play the game, they can collect the figures, but if you have an older kid or love to play battle strategy games then Marvel Battleworld is for you. You can find Funko Games HERE. I hope to have a review up soon for these games!

Blue Marble – National Geographic and Blockaroo’s

Have a child who loves science and building things? Then Nat Geo’s STEM kits and Blockaroo’s will make the perfect holiday gift for them. For young kids, Blockaroo’s are the best building toys. They are magnetic, soft, durable, and can be put in the bathtub and dishwasher! My 2-year-old and 5-year-old LOVE them. If you have an older child then Nat Geo STEM kits are the way to go. They have everything. From dig kits where you can dig for gems, dino’s, bugs, etc. to science kits where you can learn about how to make a volcano, earth science, slim, and more. These toys are educational, interactive, and fun for the whole family.

WowWee – Brite Brush

While not exactly 100% a toy I am all for a company that wants to make brushing teeth more exciting for kids. Heck, I would love one of these for myself. Haha! Brite Brush is a smart toothbrush that plays music and games to help your child brush their teeth better. The Brite Brush toothbrush provides you and your kids with feedback on how they are brushing, tells you when to change sides, a notification to parents to let you know how well your child brushed, and more. For younger kids, there is the Baby Shark Brite Brush and for older kids, there is the Games Brite Brush. Every year in my Christmas Stocking my parents would give us a toothbrush and I have continued this tradition with my kids. This year I think they just might get Brite Brush toothbrushes in their stockings.

Brite Brush Game

Spin Master – Present Pet’s

My kids squealed when they saw Present Pet’s. I just know this is going to be a popular present this Holiday season. Toys that unbox themselves have always been popular, and Present Pet’s will be no different. What do I mean by unboxing itself? Well, your Present Pet will wiggle, bang on, and rip open its box till it is free! Not only are Present Pet’s cute, but they offer hours of fun. You do not know which pet you will get till it unboxes itself. You can play games, cuddle, and rub your Present Pet’s belly. This is a toy I wish was around when I was a kid.

Present Pets

Bonkers Toys – Ryan’s World and Trinity & Beyond

I know Ryan’s World toys have been out for a while now, but my kids have just gotten into the show, and they love it. My 5-year-old said Ryan’s World toys were a must for this list. She loved listening to the representative of Bonkers Toys talk about all of their toys in the Bonkers line up, and she flipped her lid when she says the huge Ryan’s World Mystery Egg. Haha! During the presentation, I loved the Trinity & Beyond toy line. They look like they would make the perfect gift for younger kids. They are cute, and not too small for little ones.

Bonkers Toys Brands

Of all the toys I showcased above are there any that you think your kids would love, or one’s your kid’s already have? Let me know in the comments!

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