The Positivity Charge Conference

The 2019 Positivity Charge Conference

Disclaimer – I was contacted by Dr. Rubina Tahir and invited to attend the Positivity Charge Conference in exchange for sharing on instastories. While I was not required to write a blog post in exchange for going I wanted to write a brief one about my experience.

What Is The Positivity Charge Conference

The Positivity Charge Conference was founded by Dr. Rubina Tahir and Parisha Smith. It is a health and wellness day conference which focuses on, you guessed it, positivity. (Whether you are an individual looking to improve yourself, or your health and wellness business.) The Positivity Charge Conference’s focus is all about build, fuel, and body.

The Positivity Charge Conference Review


The location of the conference was at the beautiful Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia. It is a short drive from anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic, and the hotel parking was easy to reserve and access. It was a great location for this conference. The meeting areas were large, but just the right size for the number of people who attended.


The speakers for this conference were insane. There were great speakers in each track. Sarah Zero founder Wellstruck, and Brittany Hennessy author of INFLUENCER and co-founder of Carbon August spoke in the Wellness Entrepreneur track. Danielle Mercurio Confidence Coach & Meditation Teacher and Kat Tanita founder of With Love From Kat spoke in the Wellness Elitest track. Lastly, Elise Museles Found of Kale & Chocolate spoke in the Wellness Enthusiast track.


Breakfast, snacks, coffee, and lunch were all included. The food was good. I was hungry afterward, but I am more of a meat-eater. Haha! Breakfast was provided by The Soulfull Project, Lunch by Pure Fare Philly, smoothies by Bryn and Danes, and coffee by Saxbys. There were also some interesting mocktails by Florajen probiotics. The coffee was delicious, and I was slightly sad I was unable to try a smoothie. (The line for it was so long I would have missed one of the speakers on my track if I stood in line to get one.)


After breakfast, we had a wonderful yoga class with Gabriella Dondero. I haven’t done yoga in forever, but it was nice to sweat it out and laugh with everyone in the room.

My Track Speakers – Wellness Entrepreneur

The first speaker in the Wellness Entrepreneur track was Sarah Zero founder of Wellstruck, a brand strategy, and design company, that she built. She talked about finding your entrepreneurial sweet spot. She provided a small workbook for you to work through to be able to find that sweet spot and help you with finding your mission statement. I made sure to grab an extra workbook so that in a couple of months I could work through it again.

Our second speaker was Brittany Hennessy. I will be honest, the reason I said yes to attending the Positivity Charge was that Brittany Hennessy was going to be one of the speakers. A year ago I purchased her book INFLUENCER and I refer back to it often. I also follow her on social media and she is pretty funny, but she is AMAZING in person! If you are a blogger/content creator and ever have a chance to attend a speaking session of her’s GO! She is engaging, honest, and so knowledgeable about how to build and market your brand.

The Positivity Charge Conference


Even the panelists were amazing! There was Elizabeth Goodman Artis Editor-in-chief at Shape, Natalie Shultz Founder Be Well Company and Co-founders of the Positivity Charge Parisha Smith and Dr. Rubina Tahir. Ariane Datil from WUSA 9 served as the MC for the day and did such an awesome job keeping all the speakers on track and interviewing Piera Gelardi during the VIP lunch. The speakers again had such positive messages and information for all those who attended. From overcoming medical issues, body-positive messages, and discussing how they are trying to change how women are viewed in media these ladies spoke from their hearts and it was uplifting.

The Positivity Charge Conference


The keynote speaker was Piera Gelardi co-founder of Refinery29. She spoke during the VIP lunch, and then after the panel. Piera spoke about helping to build Refinery29, and never giving up even though there were times she felt she might not have been the right person for the job. She also spoke about 29rooms, which is coming to D.C. in October, how it started and what it has grown into today. She dropped a lot of motivational nuggets that I wrote down to read frequently such as, “Friction creates sparks”, Play unlocks brilliance.”, and “Prove them wrong by doing what they say you can’t.”.

Over All Impression and Cost

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Positivity Charge. The location was great, the speakers were amazing, and I walked away with valuable knowledge. For the price point of $80 for a general admission ticket, and $110 for a VIP ticket you got a lot. I mean we got Breakfast, snacks, yoga, coffee, and lunch all included. The speakers alone were worth the ticket price. Now, that’s not to say there weren’t some let downs.

Let Down’s

While I loved attending this conference there seemed to be some mix-ups, and if I had purchased a ticket I probably would have been slightly upset. The swag bags were not as advertised. I know you should never attend a conference based solely on swag and giveaways when something is heavily advertised as a big perk of going you should get that perk. On the Positivity Charge website, it states a general admission ticket would receive a swag bag valued at $150, and a VIP ticket holder would receive an extra swag bag valued at $250. This was not the case. The items I received in my swag bag wouldn’t even total $10. (This includes the bag it came in.)

When I went to inquire if I had missed grabbing another bag during check-in I was told there were no other swag bags other than what I received. (When I went up to ask there were other individuals at the table who were there to ask the same question.) Now, Parisha Smith, one of the co-founders of the conference did offer to let me take home more of the swag bags, but it would not have equaled what was advertised.

Would I Attend Again?

NOW, having said everything that I have said about the conference and mix-ups with the swag bags would I attend the conference again? YES! I would even pay to go. Would I purchase a VIP ticket? It depends on who the keynote speaker is, but I would definitely purchase a general admission ticket.

Have you attended the Positivity Charge Conference before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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