Blue Miracle

Blue Miracle Review: Don’t Sleep on This One!

The Blue Miracle Story

The Blue Miracle movie is based on an inspiring true story. In 2014 Casa Hogar entered the Bisbee’s Black & Blue fishing tournament. Their hope was to catch a Marlin and to take home some prize money for their orphanage. To some, that may seem pretty easy, but in truth, it is not. Those who are fishermen know that catching certain types of fish takes time, patience, skill, and faith. Because Blue Miracle is based on a true story some people may already know what happens but the film is still a treat to watch. Blue Miracle releases on Netflix on May 27th. Here is my Blue Miracle review. (Spoiler-free for those who do not know the story.)

Blue Miracle Review

My Blue Miracle Review

Faith-based movies and tv shows were big in my house while I was growing up. Some were good, and some were really campy. But Blue Miracle is different. While Blue Miracle is faith-based it is not over the top or in your face. (It’s just real life.) The movie is such a good clean example of how to be a role model, loving your neighbor, taking care of others, and learning not to take the easy way out. Jimmy Gonzales as Omar and Dennis Quaid as Wade both are fantastic. Both actors embody their characters and act against each other very well. But it is Jimmy Gonzales who is the stand-out actor in the movie for me.

Beyond the acting is the beautiful writing and cinematography. It doesn’t even bother me that going into the movie I knew how it was going to end. The wide range of emotions director and writer Julio Quintana captures in Blue Miracle are vast and deep. Julio Quintana definitely knows how to pull at your heartstrings. So much so that he can even get you on your feet excited about fishing! Haha!

My Rating

In short, I love Blue Miracle, and I suggest you don’t sleep on it. I feel it is currently the best faith-based movie on Netflix right now, and I give it an A+. I highly recommend it.

Blue Miracle Parents Guide

The movie is rated PG and this is due to some scenes that contain mild peril. Blue Miracle is a movie the whole family can watch and enjoy. A perfect film for family movie night!

Blue Miracle Movie Synopsis

The incredible true story of Casa Hogar, the Mexican boys home that entered the world’s biggest fishing tournament to save their orphanage.

Blue Miracle Trailer

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