The Christmas Chronicles 2

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Santa’s Back!

In 2018 we were introduced to a different kind of Santa. A Santa who is deeply committed to his job can rock out like a rock star and is willing to commit joyriding to make sure Christmas endures. Haha! We were also introduced to Kate and Teddy Pierce who had recently lost their father and were dealing with the sadness and loss of a loved one during Christmas. The Christmas Chronicles focused on Teddy finding his way back and becoming a True Believer of Christmas. It was a fantastic movie, and my family loved it. Now, in The Christmas Chronicles 2, it’s Kate’s turn. Sequels are notorious for not being as good as the first movie, but how does The Christmas Chronicles 2 hold up? Here is my spoiler-free review! The Christmas Chronicles 2 is coming to Netflix on November 25, 2020.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Spoiler Free Movie Review

My Review

It is only near the end of November, but I have already watched more Christmas movies this year than before. Haha! While I enjoyed The Christmas Chronicles 2, I am slightly disappointed with it. (Sorry to not sugar coat that one.) As I mentioned above it is very hard to make a movie sequel that is as good as the first movie, and unfortunately, The Christmas Chronicles 2 cant escape that fate. That’s not to say the movie wasn’t good. It was! The Christmas Chronicles 2 is funny and full of action and adventure. But it just can’t seem to replicate the feeling and originality of the first movie. During some parts of the movie it tried by having Kurt Russell’s Santa rock out again to lift Christmas Cheer, but to me, it came across as just repetitive. I really wish they had tried something different.

It was very interesting and I liked how they tried to explain Santa’s origins, and I do really like Kurt Russell as Santa. I loved seeing Goldie Hawn playing Mrs. Claus next to him. I thought the way in which they portrayed Santa and Mrs. Claus was perfect, and you could see the love they have for each other come out in their on-screen performance. I also liked that they continued with the story with Kate Pierce, but one thing was definitely missing for me in the movie.

Where’s the Christmas Cheer?

When I watched the first Christmas Chronicles I walked away full of the Holiday spirit and Christmas cheer at the end of the movie. After watching The Christmas Chronicles 2 I really didn’t get that, and I am kind of bummed about it. Haha! I don’t know if there was just too much action in the movie or just not enough actual meaning of Christmas storyline, but if you are looking for a movie to really get you in the holiday spirit The Christmas Chronicles 2 might not be the movie to do that.

My Rating/ Ok for kids?

Even though I am slightly disappointed with The Christmas Chronicles 2 it is still a decent Christmas movie, and that is why I get it a B-. Is it ok for kids? I feel ages 7 and up, yes. Younger kids, maybe not. While I was ok with letting my 5-year-old watch the first movie with me, unfortunately, I will not be letting her see the second movie just yet. There are some instances in the movie where Santa’s Elves are not behaving very nicely, actually very naughty, and maybe scary for young viewers.


It’s been two years since siblings Kate (Darby Camp) and Teddy Pierce (Judah Lewis) saved Christmas, and a lot has changed. Kate, now a cynical teenager, is reluctantly spending Christmas in Cancun with her mom’s new boyfriend and his son Jack (Jahzir Bruno). Unwilling to accept this new version of her family, Kate decides to run away. But when a mysterious, magical troublemaker named Belsnickel threatens to destroy the North Pole and end Christmas for good, Kate and Jack are unexpectedly pulled into a new adventure with Santa Claus (Kurt Russell). Written and directed by Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Harry Potter) and co-starring Goldie Hawn, THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES 2 is an action-packed adventure for the whole family that’s full of heart, humor, and holiday spirit.


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