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Sweet Tooth Season 1 Review

Are we really ready for another another virus pandemic show?

Where there is a virus that is wiping out mankind you know Will Forte will be there. Haha! I’m just kidding, but he is one of the stars in Netflix’s new series Sweet Tooth. Touting Robert Downey, Jr. and Susan Downey as Executive Producers, Sweet Tooth, is based on the Sweet Tooth Comic Book by Jeff Lemire. I have not read the comic book so going in I didn’t know anything. Coming off of watching the whole 1st season I do have some thoughts. Things I really liked about the show, and some things I thought could have been done better. Sweet Tooth Season 1 premieres on Netflix on Friday, June 4th. Here is my Sweet Tooth Season 1 Review. (Spoiler-free of course.)

Sweet Tooth Season 1 Review

My Sweet Tooth Season 1 Review

I really liked the story and acting in Sweet Tooth. I was a little on the fence about watching another show about a virus pandemic that decimates the world population, and for some people, the Sweet Tooth story may be too soon or hit close to home. But I am all about watching different interpretations of how people and society survive in dire situations. I feel Sweet Tooth does a good job of portraying what mankind would do/become in an apocalyptical world.

Throw in half-human/half-animal hybrid babies being born at the same time that the human race is trying to survive, causing panic and confusion, and you have one heck of an interesting story. Survival takes everything you have and in Sweet Tooth, we get to watch many survival stories play out, and gradually intertwine with each other. But the main story is that of Gus (Christian Convery). How his character develops in the show is so fun to watch.

My 2nd favorite part of the show is Christian Convery as Gus, Nonso Anozie as Jepperd, and Adeel Akhtar as Aditya. All three actors do such an amazing job in Sweet Tooth. You feel their pain, happiness, and devastation as they go on their journeys. The ending of season 1 is set up for there to be a season 2 which I really do hope happens just so I can watch these three actors.

My only dislike about Sweet Tooth

When I watch a tv show at the end of an episode I want to get the feeling of, “Oh my goodness. I need to watch another episode right now!”.(I wanna binge-watch. Haha!) But I do not get that feeling with Sweet Tooth. I have gone back and forth in my mind trying to find out why that is since I really like the story and main actors. It then dawned on me. My issue with the show is its pacing.

The episode lengths vary but are never longer than an hour. But every episode no matter the length seems so long to me. There is also a lot of back and forth in time. (Pre-virus and current.) As well as back and forth between characters that slow the story down. Just when certain character’s stories are getting good. Because of this, watching the episodes arent’s as enjoyable as I feel they should be. But, after all of the setup done in Season 1, I am hoping the pacing will get better for Season 2.

My Rating

I had high hopes for Sweet Tooth, and the majority of them came true. The story and the acting is amazing, and because of this many people will really enjoy the show. But for me, the slow pacing of the episodes and the season made it slightly hard to watch. Not as binge-able. Sweet Tooth is definitely worth a watch though and I give it a solid B+.

Parent’s Guide

Sweet Tooth does contain a lot of violence, death, and adult language. Because of this Netflix does list Sweet Tooth as TV-14. I agree it is not suitable for really young viewers. Add on the fact that there is a pandemic caused by a virus may be too much for some young viewers.

Sweet Tooth Show Synopsis

Ten years ago “The Great Crumble” wreaked havoc on the world and led to the mysterious emergence of hybrids — babies born part human, part animal. Unsure if hybrids are the cause or result of the virus, many humans fear and hunt them. After a decade of living safely in his secluded forest home, a sheltered hybrid deer-boy named Gus (Christian Convery) unexpectedly befriends a wandering loner named Jepperd (Nonso Anozie).

Together they set out on an extraordinary adventure across what’s left of America in search of answers— about Gus’ origins, Jepperd’s past, and the true meaning of home. But their story is full of unexpected allies and enemies, and Gus quickly learns the lush, dangerous world outside the forest is more complex than he ever could have imagined. Based on the DC comic book series by Jeff Lemire, SWEET TOOTH is executive produced by Jim Mickle, Beth Schwartz, Robert Downey, Jr., Susan Downey, Amanda Burrell, and Linda Moran.

Sweet Tooth Netflix Trailer

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