Go, Dog. Go!

Go, Dog. Go! Review and Interview With Exe. Producer Adam Peltzman

A childhood favorite brought to life

Go, Dog. Go! from P.D. Eastman is a book that many have grown up reading. I grew up reading it, and now I read it to my kids. They love the ease of the book and seeing the dogs do funny humanlike things. Now DreamWorks Animation is bringing the world of Go, Dog. Go! to life. Go, Dog. Go! is out now on Netflix. You can read my review of the show and watch my interview with the show’s Executive Producer Adam Peltzman.

Go Dog Go Review and Interview with Executive Producer Adam Peltzman

Review: A Paw-som show for the whole family

Go, Dog. Go! is a very unique show. If you have read the book you know there is really not much of an actual story so I truly commend Adam Peltzman and the rest of the creators of Go, Dog. Go!. From the start, you start noticing aspects from the book, but the creators made something new and fun. My oldest quickly identified with 2 of the main characters tag and Scooch Pooch, and both of my girls love the fact that Tag is a mechanic and fixes things.

They love seeing all of Tag’s inventions as well as seeing how Tag interacts with her family and community in Pawston. They love the show so much they now go around the house asking each other if they like each other’s hats. Haha! The story, music, and animation are all fantastic. If you have young kids I highly recommend watching Go, Dog. Go!.

Interview with Executive Producer Adam Peltzman

It was so fun to be able to talk with Go, Dog. Go!’s Executive Producer Adam Peltzman. During the interview, we learned he was drawn to making the show because the book had a specific tone and that it didn’t have a linear story. (Allowing them to get creative.) He also wanted to make a show that families could watch and enjoy together. Community is a BIG theme in Go, Dog. Go!. I was able to ask Adam what aspects from the book were a must when making the show, as well as see which character he connects with the most. You can check out my full interview below!

Show Synopsis

Based on PD Eastman’s best-selling, classic children’s book (over 8 million copies sold!), Go, Dog. Go! follows 6-year-old Tag Barker on her adventures in the city of Pawston, a fun-loving community of dogs on the go. Tag is a skilled mechanic and loves anything that goes. With her ingenuity and creativity, Tag can go as far as any plan will take her with her best friend Scooch Pooch by her side. Executive produced by Adam Peltzman (Odd SquadWallykazam!), Go, Dog. Go! zooms its way on to Netflix January 26.


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