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Visit Dutch Wonderland: Ticket Discount & Tips

It feels so good to be back in the park

It has been over a year since our last visit to Dutch Wonderland, and I cannot tell you how good it feels to get back in the park. Things have changed slightly at Dutch Wonderland in response to the pandemic, but overall it is the same wonderful place to take your kids. In this post, I am going to tell you about our most recent visit, new Health & Safety measures you will see around the park, tips and a ticket discount for your next visit, and why you should visit Dutch Wonderland.

Disclaimer: I am a Dutch Wonderland Ambassador. My family and I do receive tickets in exchange for posting on my blog and social media channels. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Visit Dutch Wonderland Ticket Discount & Tips

Our Dutch Wonderland Visit

Walking into the gates of Dutch Wonderland it felt like we had not missed a year. But when our kids went up to measure themselves, to see what jewel they were for rides, it was clear how much they had grown since our last visit. Our 3-year-old was finally tall enough to ride her first roller coaster, and our 5-year-old was finally tall enough to ride the bumper cars. (She is so excited.)

We started off our day by renting a locker and visiting Duke’s Lagoon to splash around. Getting there early gave us the ability to pick where we wanted to sit. We grabbed a snack from Auntie Anne’s and let our kids play for over an hour. Once the Lagoon started to fill up we changed our clothes and headed out to ride the rides. While not every ride was operating there were still enough open that it would take you all day to ride them all. My 3-year-old loved the Frog Hopper and wanted to ride it over, and over. She even got to ride her first roller coast, The Joust! While she wasn’t the biggest fan my 5-year-old loves the coaster. In between eating, we rode as many rides as possible and stayed almost till the park closed. You can check out more pictures from our visit HERE.

The Food

Of course, Dutch Wonderland’s food needs its own section. Haha! We love the food at Dutch Wonderland because there is something for everyone. To start the day we grabbed coffee at Turkey Hill and Coffee Shoppe. Followed by snacks from Auntie Anne’s at Dukes Lagoon. For lunch, my family grabbed fries and chicken tenders for lunch from Potato Patch while I ran over to That Panini Place to grab myself a Panini. While roaming the park we grabbed Dippin Dots and some hot dogs from Nathan’s. To end the day we had dinner over at the Cartoon Network Hotel, but more on that in my tip’s section. (P.S. The only food item I did not get that I really wanted was Dole Whip, but I guess we will just have to visit again to grab some.)

Health & Safety Measures

Now, because of the pandemic, there are some changes at the park that we saw. Dutch Wonderland does ask that those who are not fully vaccinated to please wear masks. There are social distancing markers to help remind you to stay at least 6 feet apart while in line. Dutch Wonderland also is limiting park capacity so you will need to reserve a spot on the day you want to visit. (Unless you are a season pass holder. Season pass holders do not need to reserve a day for visits.) I also saw a lot of Dutch Wonderland employees cleaning and wiping surfaces down, and there are many hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the park. My family and I feel Dutch Wonderland has done a pretty darn good job making us feel safe while visiting their park. You can read Dutch Wonderlands up to date Health & Safety Measures HERE.

Tips for Visiting the Park

Are you ready for some tips for your next visit to Dutch Wonderland? Tip 1: Save some money. There are a couple of ways you can save money when visiting Dutch Wonderland. The first is to use my discount code to get $9 off on your tickets. You can purchase your tickets HERE or use the Promo code, DWInfluencer21, at check out. The second way to save money is to purchase the yearly souvenir cup. It is $12.99 to purchase a souvenir cup (filled), but it is only $0.99 for refills. The third way to save some money is by shopping at Duke’s Yard Sale. If you like to purchase something for the kids when you visit the park Duke’s Yard Sale has some pretty good deals. During our visit, we purchased a coffee mug and a baseball bat/ball for $15.

Tip 2: Get to the park early and visit Duke’s Lagoon first. The park and Duke’s Lagoon open at 10 am, but Duke’s Lagoon can get pretty busy. If you get to Duke’s Lagoon early enough you will be able to grab a table and/or good seats. Tip 3: Rent a locker. The lockers at Dutch Wonderland are really nice and come in different sizes. If you want to take a break from Duke’s Lagoon and go ride some rides, but plan on returning to Duke’s Lagoon later then rent a locker for your wet clothes. We rented a large locker for around $9 for over 5 hours and were able to open it to grab what we needed whenever.

Tip 4: Keep track of what rides you have gone on with my Dutch Wonderland Kingdom Checklist. You can grab it HERE. (FYI: Currently, there are no character meet & greet’s, there are reduced shows, and some rides may be closed.) Tip 5: If it’s hot outside and you need to cool off there are a couple of rides/attractions that will give you some relief. Take a ride on the monorail, walk the shaded prehistoric path, or take in a show at the Aqua Stadium.

Extra Tip

Visit Cartoon Network Hotel right next door. Even if you live in the area and are only visiting Dutch Wonderland for a day you can still visit the Cartoon Network hotel. They have a restaurant, cafe, arcade, and other activities for kids. They also have character meet & greet’s. This is nice since Dutch Wonderland is currently not doing any.

Cartoon Network Hotel

But my biggest tip of all is just to visit Dutch Wonderland

Why? Because the park is the best Amusement Park for young kids in the Mid-Atlantic region. It is geared towards kids. From infants to teenagers there is something for every kid, and for adults. The park is also just the right manageable size for families to be able to visit and not be exhausted at the end of the day. There are many places to sit and relax, and the terrain is not rough so walking around with strollers is easy.

While a popular park Dutch Wonderland is not as crowded as other amusement parks. Every time I have gone to Dutch Wonderland with my family the park is busy but not crowded. The line for rides is not long, move fast, and you are not bumping into people all the time. I could go on and on about how great Dutch Wonderland is, but you should visit Dutch Wonderland to see and experience it for yourself.

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