Play Osmo Coding Starter Kit

Play Osmo Coding Starter Kit Review

Things have changed since I was a kid

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When I was a kid I thought nothing about coding. (I mean the internet had only just been created 3 years before I was born. Haha!) But technology has advanced so much in the last 30-something years that coding is now a very important part of life. There is code in almost everything, and it is like learning another language. (Heck it is another language! Haha!)

Play Osmo Coding Starter Kit Review

Coding is now something that is very important for kids to learn, and there are many toys/ways to teach kids about coding. For our daughters, we have tried different toys that help to teach coding, but either the games were too advanced or they don’t hold our daughter’s attention. But Play Osmo’s Coding Starter Kit is a different story, and they have thoroughly enjoyed playing it. If you are looking for something to help your kids learn about coding I highly suggest Play Osmo’s Coding Starter Kit. Below is my review of Play Osmo’s Coding Starter Kit.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I am a Play Osmo Brand Ambassador and we did receive a Play Osmo Coding Starter Kit in exchange for our review and posts on social media. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

About the Play Osmo Coding Starter Kit

Let’s start with what comes in the starter kit. In the Play Osmo Coding Starter Kit, you will receive a base and reflector, 31 coding block pieces, and 3 games. The 3 games you get are Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, and Coding Duo. They are progressive so Coding Awbie is the easiest followed by Coding Jam, and the most advanced game is Coding Duo. The ages Play Osmo suggests for this kit are 5-10 years old. Thus allowing the kit to basically grow with your child as they learn. (This saves you money.) Skill-wise kids will learn coding basics, sequencing, problem-solving, logical thinking, patterns, and more. But what did we think of the starter kit?

Osmo Coding Pieces

What my Daughter thinks

My 5-year-old has really enjoyed playing the games in the starter kit. We tried out each one to just check them out, but also to gauge which game fit her best, and Coding Awbie does. This is fine because that one is the game geared toward younger kids. Right now in the Coding Awbie game, we are helping Awbie get through the forest. This is done by using the coding block pieces. There are pieces that help Awbie walk, jump, go in a certain direction, and more. Then there are also numbered pieces you add to let Awbie know how many steps or jumps to take.

My daughter loves watching Awbie follow her commands, and she really stops and thinks about what she has to string together to get Awbie to go places. Of course, she doesn’t get it right every time, but that’s ok. Awbie goes right back to where he started. As I mentioned above this is not the first coding game we have tried, but the biggest difference between Play Osmo’s Coding Starter Kit and the other games are the tangible pieces, and how you interact with the game. It is the perfect balance between games and learning. (If you are interested in seeing the Play Osmo Coding Start Kit in action I have some videos up on my Instagram stories. You can find them HERE.)

Double Plus

A double plus is that I am also having a fun time playing and also learning from Play Osmo’s Coding Starter Kit. Yes, I understand the basics of coding and can do basic code myself, but there is nothing wrong with learning the basics again. (It’s just like how we all learned math in school, but when your kid goes to school and is taking math sometimes it’s like you are taking the class all over. Haha!)

Cost/Where to purchase

Play Osmo Coding Starter Kit sells for $99.99 on Amazon. You can find the Coding Starter Kit HERE. (Affiliate Link) The Coding Starter Kit is also available on the Play Osmo website HERE and also at Target HERE.

Other great Play Osmo games

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Do your kids love Play Osmo? What games are their favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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