Fatherhood Netflix Movie Review

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Netflix has been serving up some really good movies this year, and Fatherhood is one of them. It is a movie where even if you watch it just once it will stick with you for the rest of your life. Fatherhood releases on Netflix Friday, June 18th just in time for Fathers Day. Grab some tissues. Below is My Fatherhood Netflix Movie Review.

Fatherhood Netflix Movie Review

My Fatherhood Netflix Movie Review

Whew. There is so much jam-packed into this powerful movie. If you need/want a movie that is going to make you cry then this is the one. I cried through the whole movie. As sad as the movie is Fatherhood is a love letter to fathers, parents, and single parents alike. It 100% captures how hard it is to be a parent. To have to work, take care of kids, and take care of yourself. All while other people are telling you that you are not doing things properly or aren’t strong enough to be a parent. The movie shows how important it is for parents to have a supportive community for them to be able to go to for advice, help, or just a shoulder to cry on. Fatherhood is also a movie about learning to grieve and moving through and past the pain of losing a loved one.

But, while the movie is amazing it is so full of emotion that the jokes that are supposed to be funny really aren’t. They just aren’t enough to crack the emotional heaviness of the movie so they come across as slight light-hearted breaks in the movie. I will say though, Fatherhood is hands down my favorite Kevin Hart movie. We see him in comedies all the time, but his acting in Fatherhood is superb. I would love to see him win some awards for his performance in Fatherhood, and I would like to see him in more dramatic roles.

My Rating

What would I rate Fatherhood? Even though I cried throughout the whole movie, I loved it. I give Fatherhood an A+. It is a phenomenal movie that shows the hardships, laughter, love, and joys of parenting. It will make even the toughest individuals cry.

Parent’s Guide

Fatherhood has a PG-13 rating. There is adult language, suggestive situations, and death. It is not a movie that is going to hold the attention of younger kids. So, I recommend it for older teens, 15-years-old, and up.

Trigger Warning

Now, I also have to put a trigger warning on this movie which I usually don’t do. And while I do not want to spoil the movie I do want to warn individuals who may have traumas from/ or surrounding pregnancy and giving birth. (Emphasis on C-Sections.) As an x2 c-section mom (who had difficulties), I found the first 10 minutes of the movie very hard to watch, and I had to stop the movie, cry, and then gather myself to continue watching the movie. So, from one c-section parent to others I would watch this part of the movie with a loved one.

Fatherhood Movie Synopsis

In this heartwarming, funny and emotional true story, Kevin Hart stars as a widower taking on one of the toughest jobs in the world: fatherhood.

Fatherhood Movie Trailer

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