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Ridley Jones Season 1 Review: Out on Netflix Now

Adventure Awaits with Ridley Jones

Last night I got an email asking if I wanted screeners for the new Netflix Preschool show Ridley Jones. I said yes and my kids and I feverishly watched season 1 before bedtime. Ridley Jones is an adventurous animated kids show, but how does it rank with other kids shows on Netflix? Ridley Jones is out now on Netflix. Below is my Ridley Jones Season 1 Review!

Ridley Jones Season 1 Review

My Ridley Jones Season 1 Review

Ridley Jones is a fun show that is a mix of Indiana Jones and The Night at the Museum for kids. Ridley’s family are keepers of the museum and Ridley is in training to continue her family’s legacy. She is making new friends, learning about history and herself at the same time. While Ridley Jones is created by the same individual as DocMcStuffins and Vampirina, Chris Nee, the show does have a different feel to it. It has a lot of Indiana Jones like action and adventure which is very entertaining, and the musical scores are super catchy. (I love the theme song. I have been singing RIDLEY JONES ever since I started watching it. Haha!)

My only 2 issues with the show is it is billed as a Preschool show, but in truth it leans more towards a show for older kids. While the characters state in the show they need to make/keep the museum historically accurate the show slips in this department. But of the two issues I have my biggest one is with the Preschool labelling. Some of the themes/lessons to be learned from the show, while important one’s, younger children may not understand. Therefore the show many not hold their attention as well as other Preschool shows. (I actually suggest this show for ages 6 years-old and up.)

My Rating

Overall though, Ridley Jones is a cute, and entertaining kids show. As an individual who loves history I actually really like and enjoy Ridley Jones, and wish the show had been around when I was a kid. How does the show stand up to other Preschool Shows on Netflix? Ridley Jones did not hold the attention of my kids as well as other shows on Netflix such as Super Monsters, Octonauts, or City of Ghosts. And Ridley Jones is not as educational as Octonauts or City of Ghosts. Both Netflix Shows I highly recommend for Preschoolers. Because of this I rate Ridley Jones a B-.

If you watch Ridley Jones I would love to know your thoughts. Drop them in the comments.

Ridley Jones Show Synopsis

“Ridley Jones” is Netflix’s newest preschool series, following six-year-old Ridley who, alongside her mother and grandmother, is a protector of the museum she calls home. Keeping the exhibits safe takes a real hero, especially when the lights go out and the exhibits — from Egyptian mummies to stampeding elephants — come to life! Throughout her many adventures, Ridley finds that being a good protector, and leader, is about finding common ground and respecting others, no matter what our differences might be.

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  1. Definitely not a preschool show. My children are moving out of shows like Octonauts and into older shows, and they LOVE Ridley. But it’s not something that would have kept their attention when they were younger.

    Older kids are more uncertain, like the characters in Ridley Jones. Ishmet is worried about talking to her parents, Fred is worried about whether they are strong enough to lead, etc. Preschoolers would just make the mistake, then realize why that action might be hurtful. So definitely not a preschool show. I do appreciate how tastefully the themes are executed.

    Ridley Jones is an excellent, action packed show of tolerance, courage, action and adventure. 9/10. The only issue I have is that it is NOT historically accurate in some ways. However, Ridley does promote interest in museums and provides a lot of historical and scientific exposure, so it still gets a 9 in my book (an improvement over Indiana Jones, whom I presume is Ridley’s great-great-grandfather).

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