Blessings Come in All Sizes: Wee Blessing Review

Wee Blessing Review

Taking The Leap with Wee Blessing

I have never been the kind of person to sign up for a clothing subscription box. You know the ones where someone styles you, and they send you a box of clothes to try every month. If you like them you pay for them and keep them. If you don’t like them you send them back. I just didn’t think they asked the right questions to get my personality, my style, or my budget. (Even though my style is jeans and a t-shirt. Haha!) Now that I have 2 kids, I find going to the store a little more difficult. Not only for clothes for myself, but also for them. So, when I got a chance to try out Wee Blessing for my 2-year-old I figured I would give it a shot. Haven’t heard of Wee Blessing? I hadn’t either, but now I am glad I took the leap.

Thank you to Wee Blessing for sponsoring this post by providing my daughter her first box! As always, the thoughts, experiences, and opinions expressed here are my own. 

Wee Blessing Review

What is Wee Blessing

Wee Blessing is a subscription, or single order, styling company that will send you a box of 4 outfits every month selected just for you by their stylists. You fill out a style profile that asks what your child’s likes are, what their sizes are, what they already like or dislike to wear, what their hobbies are, their favorite colors, the brands they usually wear, etc.

The other part I really like is they will ask your budget. You can select the price range per outfit. (This eliminates my fear of receiving clothes I love, but can’t keep because they cost too much.) Then Wee Blessing stylists will go shopping for clothes they believe will match your child’s style profile. After your blessing comes in you try on the clothes and only pay for what you want to keep. Like everything and you will get 10% off your order. Don’t like something? Not a problem. Just return it in the prepaid return envelope they provide.

What We Received

After completing my daughters’ style profile, I waited to receive her blessing in the mail. When it finally came in, I was quite shocked and impressed. (You can ask my husband. Haha!) Everything in the box was neatly packaged and the instructions were super easy to understand.  

My daughter’s blessing came with a thank you note, instructions, and a sheet stating the retail price for each piece of clothing and right next to it the Wee Blessing price you pay for the piece. (Which was significantly less than retail.)

Her blessing came with 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, 1 sundress, and a formal dress. I do not know how Wee Blessings knew we were going to an event that would require us to dress up, but the dress they selected for her was a lot prettier than the dress I had picked out for her. Haha! They also sent a shirt with her favorite Disney character, Rapunzel, on it. It was the first piece she tried on, and she did not want to take it off. Her 4 outfits were all spot on. Every piece fit her perfectly and matched her personality and likes.


The price for each piece was also spot on. (The most expensive piece was the formal dress, and that was around $20!) They were prices I was fine with paying if I had found them myself in the store. The best part was I didn’t have to go to the store! I didn’t have to wrestle my 2-year-old into the car, and I didn’t have to wonder if my 2-year-old was going to throw a temper tantrum in the store or not.

Would I order again?

Yes! I am totally impressed and very happy with my daughter’s Wee Blessing box. After going through the whole process, I will be ordering from Wee Blessing again. This time for myself, and probably for my new little squish once she is a little bigger. (They style everyone!) A box from Wee Blessing would also be an awesome gift to give someone. Especially from family/friends who live far away or live in an area where the closest stores are a ways away. A super-duper double plus is Wee Blessing has been kind enough to give you 20% of your first Blessing! (Box)

If you order I would love to know what you think! You can start your Wee Blessing fun HERE. If you are more into second-hand clothing click HERE to read my review of Thredup!

Blessings Come in All Sizes: Wee Blessing Review

8 thoughts on “Blessings Come in All Sizes: Wee Blessing Review

  1. Your daughter is so cute; I love the “dressy” dress! This service does sound like a blessing for sure. I’d like to see the clothes they send for adults.

  2. We got such cute outfits in our recent Wee Blessing package! My daughter was so excited about all her new goodies – they were in all her favorite colors!

  3. We love Wee Blessing! My daughter just got the best package with dresses in all her favorite colors!

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