Blue’s Sing-Along Spectacular: A Special Episode

Blue's Sing-Along Spectacular

Blue’s Sing-Along Spectacular!

Blue’s Clues & You has a new special episode coming. A little while ago I introduced my kids to the new show Blue’s Clues & You!. While I watched the original show when I was a child it is refreshing for it to be updated for a new generation. My kids have had the DVD we received on repeat, and we have been watching the Blue’s Clues & You! youtube page. Now Blue’s Clues & You! is coming out with a special episode called Blue’s Sing-Along Spectacular. You can find all of the information below. Also, my daughter and I got a chance to interview Josh, the new host of Blue’s Clues & You!. You can check out our interview HERE.

It’s showtime! Nickelodeon’s hit preschool series Blue’s Clues & You! will take center stage with a brand-new special episode, “Blue’s Sing-Along Spectacular,” featuring musical performances by pop singer Ally Brooke, the Sun (voiced by gospel sensation Yolanda Adams), Mailbox and the Mailtime Quartet, Tickety Tock, Slippery Soap, Magenta, Blue, Josh (Josh Dela Cruz) and Joe (Donovan Patton).

Air Date/Time

In the episode, premiering Tuesday, July 14, at 9 a.m. (ET/PT), it’s Bluestock—the Blue’s Clues Music Concert—so Josh and the home viewer play Blue’s Clues to figure out what Blue wants to sing in the show, while also watching their friends take to the mic to perform show-stopping songs.  

Blue’s Clues & You Toy’s

For even more Blue’s Clues & You! fun, a brand-new consumer products line inspired by the series is available now at Walmart. The line incorporates key elements from the show that reinforce problem solving and creative play, and enable preschoolers to engage with Blue and Josh in all-new ways. Products will roll out at all other retailers in August.

New Podcast!

Additionally, beginning in August, listeners will be able to skidoo with Josh and Blue into storybooks where sleepy-time adventures await, in the upcoming original podcast series, Story Time with Josh & Blue (10 episodes), narrated by Blue’s Clues & You! host Josh Dela Cruz.

About Blue’s Clues & You

A remake of the groundbreaking, curriculum-driven interactive series Blue’s Clues, Blue’s Clues & You! has a new generation of preschoolers searching for clues with beloved puppy Blue and new live-action host Josh (Josh Dela Cruz). The series features new CG-animation for Blue and Magenta, brand-new elements and refreshed iconic items from the original series including an updated Handy Dandy Notebook equipped with smartphone technology and the return of fan-favorite characters. Blue’s Clues & You! airs weekdays at 9 a.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon.

Blue’s Sing-Along Spectacular: A Special Episode

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