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Always Eat After 7 PM: Week Two

Disclosure – This post is brought to you by our sponsor, “Always Eat After 7 PM”. The opinions expressed below are my own.

My goals and the benefits of using the Always Eat After 7 PM diet

As I said in my first post my goals for using the Always Eat Afer 7 PM diet is to lose some weight and make a lifestyle change. (You can read my first post HERE.) Because without a lifestyle change going on a diet is just going to open me up to yo-yo dieting, and I do not want that. One of the things I like about Joel Marion’s Always Eat After 7 PM program makes dieting easy and eliminates 90% of reasons for resistance. Another thing I have liked about doing this whole series of posts is it has kept me accountable.

My update

So, hows it going? It’s been a little hard to get used too, but I am seeing results. I am down 3 lbs! If I exercised it would probably be more. Haha! Before starting this diet I was stress eating a lot so not doing that has made a difference. I have also noticed my morning latte, while delicious, was not helping either. So I do miss those, but my cravings for junk food have decreased and I am making better food choices.

I am reaching for the apple instead of the bag of chips, and the following has rung true for me. The most challenging times to curb hunger are just before bed and in the morning. By following the Always Eat After 7 PM program, you have the most willpower to stay on the diet because you are eating during the hours when you are most hungry. This also puts you into both intermittent fasting increasing testosterone and your metabolism, while putting you into ketosis.

Always Eat After 7 PM

About/Interview with Author – Joel Marion

Who is the individual behind the Always Eat After 7 PM book? That would be Joel Marion! Bestselling author, Joel Marion, is a fitness expert and nutritionist debunking the myths underlying traditional dieting and offers a simple, highly effective weight loss program. Personally, I love to know the “why?” behind what people do so here are some Q/A’s from Joel Marion himself.

Joel Marion
Joel Marion

“What inspired you to write the book?”

After authoring 6 best selling books it was glaringly obvious there were 2 huge misconceptions about dieting that needed to be exposed. The first is that you can’t eat late at night or before bed, which science now shows is NOT true. And second, you can’t eat large portions that satisfy your natural instinct. This book solves both these problems by providing an evidence-based, enjoyable approach to dieting that can be used by any person to quickly achieve their weight loss goals.

Joel Marion

“How difficult is the Always Eat After 7 PM plan to follow?”

It’s not. And that’s exactly why I wrote the book. While any diet is never truly easy, it can be more enjoyable and much easier to adhere to when you understand how Always Eat After 7pm works because it caters to our bodies natural instincts.

Joel Marion

Are you on a weight loss/lifestyle change journey?

If you are I would love to know what hurdles you are facing. Together we can make the change in our diet to help make that lifestyle change we need/want!

Learn more and how to purchase

Always Eat After 7 PM: The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet That Lets You Enjoy Huge Dinners, Desserts, and Indulgent Snacks—While Burning Fat Overnight by Joel Marion is now available to purchase. You can learn more about the book and how to purchase HERE.  

Disclosure – This post is brought to you by our sponsor, “Always Eat After 7 PM”. The opinions expressed below are my own.

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