ThredUp – Secondhand Clothing Review

ThredUp - Secondhand Clothing Review

I Love Hand Me Downs

As a kid every season my mom would bring down bags of clothes from the attic for my sister’s and I to go through. They would be labeled with a name, age range, and clothing size. It was like Christmas every season. I didn’t care I was wearing my older sister’s clothes.

When I was pregnant many friends offered me their maternity clothing, and when I had my daughter the same friends offered us clothes that no longer fit their children, and I sure as heck said yes both times! Clothes are expensive, and unfortunately clothes today are not made the same way as they once were. I have stopped purchasing adult clothing from Target because they do not last and I have ended up with rips, tears, color runs, and shrinkage so many times. It became a waste of my money. (Sorry Target.)

ThredUp - Secondhand Clothing Review

I cannot lie though I love buying new or “new to me” clothes. Being pregnant again, and feeling like I need to spruce up my wardrobe, I have run into the issue of how expensive new maternity clothes really are. (Also, the issue of shopping with a 2-year-old. Haha!) I do not have the funds to spend over $200 on 2 to 3 outfits. (Looking at you Pea in the Pod/Destination Maternity/Motherhood Maternity.) If you are in the same boat I am then I offer a pretty simple solution that I just discovered, but has been around for a while. ThredUp.

About ThredUp

Some of you might already know about ThredUp, but if you are not familiar, ThredUp is an online consignment/thrift/secondhand shop that sells clothing and accessories. The gist of ThredUp is individuals can request a closet cleanout kit for donating or selling/consigning their clothes/accessories. They then fill the closet cleanout kit with the items they would like to donate/sell/consign and then they send it off to ThredUp. If you are selling/consigning your clothes/accessories to ThredUp then they will inspect the items and deem how much they are willing to pay you for them. If there are any items you want back, if ThredUp will not take them, there is a fee. You can read about ThredUp’s whole program in their FAQ’s area. ThredUp FAQ’s

What I Got

I was desperately in need of more maternity shirts and warmer maternity clothing, but I also wanted to try something different then my normal grey t-shirt look. (I did get one grey sweatshirt. Haha!) Browsing their maternity items, I was able to find 2 shirts, 1 sweater, and 1 sweatshirt I really liked that was in my size. (I was really excited too because they give you a 40% off coupon code for your first purchase.) Altogether the total, with coupon and shipping, was $31.17. For 4 pieces of clothing that’s not bad. (ThredUp has a wide variety of clothes for kids, women, men, maternity, and accessories. If you would like to see some of their Maternity wear you can browse their Maternity tops HERE and their Maternity sweaters HERE.)


While the post office smooshed my box a little my ThredUp items came in a cute polka dot box with polka dot tissue paper. They also included a nifty pamphlet explaining a little bit about second-hand clothing/accessories and a week worth of daily mantras.

Condition of My Items

Before trying on my items I checked the condition of the clothes just in case. There were no stains, no pulls, no holes, or any other blemishes that I could see on any of the items I purchased. All items fit which was a godsend because I really dislike having to send items ordered online back. Haha!

My Overall Impression

I will be ordering again! I have no complaints about the process, the items, or the price. I felt it was a lot easier than loading my daughter up in the car and trying clothes on while trying to keep her corralled and me sane.

The greatest thing about buying secondhand clothing is that it is sustainable. Everyone wears clothes, and eventually, everyone grows out of their clothes. If you are in an area where there are no second-hand clothing shops, or you have kids and you don’t want to take them to the store with you ThredUp is awesome. (Just make sure you know your size before purchasing.) With ThredUp you also know there is another regular person on the other side of the transaction. Another person owned those clothes and there is a high probability that with your purchase they are recouping some money of their own. Like ThredUp says, “There’s a lot more to secondhand than just clothes.” While not quite the same as shopping at a small business it is the closest I have seen from bigger companies. If you are in need of “new to you” clothes, or clothes for your kids, make sure you look at ThredUp. You just might be surprised at what you find, and the price.


I did receive a small amount of compensation in exchange for this review. Having said that, all thoughts and opinions are my own, and I really did have a great experience shopping with ThredUp. I am a big proponent of sustainability, secondhand shopping, and saving money. If you are looking for a subscription box for children that is not secondhand clothing click HERE to read my review of Wee Blessings.

ThredUp – Secondhand Clothing Review

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  1. Great review! I have been wondering about ThredUp. I used to shop thrift stores back in the nineties but they are not that great anymore. All of the great finds are gone before I get there, I guess. This seems like a perfect alternative.
    Thanks for doing it first lol. I trust your opinion, so I’ll definitely check them out now!

  2. That sounds like a cool service! I love hand-me-downs, too. We NEVER got any with my son since I was one of the first of friends/family to have a kid and always passed his stuff on. But with my daughter, we constantly have people giving us stuff for every season. It’s so awesome.

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