Little Genius Starter Kit with Early Math

Little Genius Starter Kit Plus Early Math: New to Play Osmo!

What is Play Osmo?

I teased on my social media about the new Play Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math, and the games have finally released for the Fire tablet! If you do not know what Play Osmo is you can click HERE to learn all about it but in short, Play Osmo is a compilation of super fun interactive educational games you can play on your tablet using Play Osmo’s special reflector, mat, and games pieces. We already have the Little Genius Starter Kit, but Play Osmo has added 2 new additional games, and Play Osmo was so kind to send us their new Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math to try out. Here’s our review!

Play Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math Review

Disclosure – This post is sponsored. I did receive Osmo products in exchange for my review and posting on social media. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I would not recommend a product or a company I have not tried or do not like. 

What’s in the box?

If you already have the Little Genius Starter Kit then you have everything you need except the early math games/apps, but if you don’t have the Little Genius Starter Kit here is what comes in the box. The Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math comes with 6 games, base and reflector, sticks & rings with a case, costume pieces with a case, and mat. (Make sure you purchase the correct base for your tablet because an iPad base will not work with a Fire tablet and vice versa.)

New Games

The original Little Genius Starter Kit comes with the Stories, Costume Party, ABC’s, and Squiggle Magic games. The two new early math games that have been added are Shape Builder and Counting Town. Designed for ages 3-5 these games will help with counting, shapes, and creativity!

Counting Town

In this game, your child gets to build their own town! Using the Osmo “sticks and rings” they will count the materials used to draw things. Out of the two new games, this one is my oldest daughter’s favorite. Not only does she enjoy using the sticks and rings to create buildings and items for the town, but she loves to use the sticks and rings to create numbers. If she needs help creating a number or an item the game has a help feature, but I love how the game goes slow to give her time to think through what is being asked of her.

We have been playing the game for a couple of days now and she can already point out when she sees numbers 1-5. Personally, I am a visual learner and used blocks as learning tools while learning math. Counting Town pretty much does the same thing with the sticks and rings. There is a lot of repetition in the game, but the game does such a great job of mixing things us so kids don’t get bored. We will be adding Counting Town to our school curriculum to help assist with math this fall.

Shape Builder

In Shape Builder, your child will help fill a magic house with furniture, items, and incredible things. To create these items, your child must reproduce geometric shapes using Osmo’s Sticks & Rings. Since my daughter really loves Counting Town, I will be honest, we have not played Shape Builder as much, but from the amount we have played the game reminds me a little bit of Squiggle Magic. Which is my daughter’s second favorite Osmo game. The biggest difference between Shape Builders and Squiggle Magic is that Shape Builders does focus more on geometric shapes whereas Squiggle Magic is more about imaginative shape building. (Shape Builders feels like a lead into Geometry which makes sense.)

Cost and how to purchase

The cost for the Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math is $119.00, but if you already have the Little Genius Starter Kit or all of the pieces you need to play the games you can purchase the Early Math Adventure Bundle which is the 2 new games for $50.00. (BUT!! the Early Math Adventure Bundle is currently on sale for $40.00.) You can Purchase the Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math on Play Osmo’s website HERE, on Amazon for iPad HERE, and Amazon for Fire Tablet HERE.

Worth it?

If you do not have any Play Osmo games, in my personal opinion, I would choose the Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math over the original Little Genius Starter Kit any day. Why? It is cheaper to buy the kit with the early math games then to purchase them separately. That in itself is a huge plus. If you already purchased the Little Genius Starter Kit I highly recommend purchasing the Early Math Adventure Bundle. Counting Town alone makes it worth it.

Other Play Osmo Games

There are so many amazing Play Osmo games available and I love that our collection of Osmo games keeps growing. You can read my review of Play Osmo Detective Agency HERE. On top of being an Osmo family, we are also a Disney family, and Osmo offers games in collaboration with Disney. These games are called Super Studios! You can read all about Osmo Super Studios HERE.

Are you an Play Osmo family? Which Play Osmo games does your family own?

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