Ravel Tales

Ravel Tales: A Surprise Toy with Less Waste!

Kid’s and adults love surprise/reveal toys!

They really do. Haha! It is the thrill of the unknown, I believe, that attracts people to surprise toys. Well, in my The Toy Insider Sweet Suite @ Home recap, I mentioned some toys that were my favorite from the show. One of those toys is Ravel Tales. Why did this toy make it on my favorite list? For many reasons, but the biggest is because it is a surprise toy with less waste. Like many others, my girls love surprise toys, but there is always a mess left over when they are done unboxing them. Plastic all over the place, and it just ends up in the trash or being recycled. (It is slightly ridiculous.) Enter in Ravel Tales though and you get a toy with less waste, but more fun!

Ravel Tales A Surprise Toy with Less Waste

Disclaimer: After The Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite @ Home I contacted Sunny Days Entertainment and asked them if I could work with them on a review of their Ravel Tales toy. In response, they sent me 2 Ravel Tales for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

About Ravel Tales

If you have a child who loves to craft or do DIY projects then Ravel Tales is perfect for them. There are no plastic bags to open to reveal any accessories because the “accessories” are part of the craft projects. I made an unboxing video which you can watch below, but here is the gist of it.

As you unwrap the toy you discover more string, little trinkets, and tags to let you know what craft that yarn or string is for. With the yarn and string, you can make a fluffy pillow for your plushie, who is in the middle of the ball, pom-poms, bracelets, collars, etc. My 5-year-old had a grand old time making the crafts, and my almost 3-year-old has been running around with the plush. Haha! On the box, the toy says it is for kids 5+ which is pretty spot on. Older kids will have no problem doing the crafts by themselves, but younger kids will probably need a little help.

Where to buy

You can find Ravel Tales for sale on Amazon and also at Target and Walmart. Ravel Tales are priced at around $9.99 which I feel is a great price for the crafts and plush you get out of it. It is a perfect toy to give as a gift!

What do you think about Ravel Tales? Let me know in the comments!

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