Bright Fairy Friends

Bright Fairy Friends Toy Review

I was first introduced to Bright Fairy Friends (BFF), from Funrise, when I attended The Toy Insider Sweet Suite @ Home event. You can read all about the event HERE. My daughter has just recently gotten into surprise toys and she was so excited to learn about Bright Fairy Friends. Funrise was kind enough to send my daughter one and she loves it. Below is my review of Funrises Bright Fairy Friends!

Disclaimer: I did receive a Bright Fairy Friends in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Bright Fairy Friends Toy Review

BFF Review

If you or your child is big into dolls and also Fairies then Bright Fairy Friends is perfect. To start is it is a surprise toy. The toy comes with 1 doll, 4 accessories, and 1 lantern home. There are 12 different dolls offered in series 1, but because it is a surprise toy you do not know which one you will get. (We ended up getting the Lily doll.) The doll is cute, comes with a stand, and also has a button on its chest that lights up her wings. All BFF dolls come with backstories and there is also a youtube channel where Funrise posts videos that go along with the dolls.

Accessories wise BFF dolls don’t come with a lot. The dolls come with their own lantern, a brush, and a broken heart BFF hair clip. (Beware the lantern is small so the toy is not recommended for children under 3 years old.) But the biggest draw of the toy, at least for my kids, has been the lantern. The BFF lantern lights up and twinkles! The lantern has a motion sensor that you can use to make the lantern twinkle, or it also has a timed setting where it will just stay on making so you can use it as a night light. My kids have used it as a night light ever since we got it.

In all Funrises BFF surprise toy is a simple cute toy. You can check out our unboxing video for our BFF below.

Where you can find your own BFF!

You can find Bright Fairy Friends on their website HERE, or on Amazon, Target, and Walmart. The cost of 1 BFF is $9.99, and I feel it’s a great price point for what you get and makes a perfect gift to give!

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