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Milk Money: Starting the Conversation about Money

Lessons about Money

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While I was growing up my parents started teaching me about finances and how to manage my money when I was young. They did this through a weekly allowance, and sitting down with me and explaining the ins and outs of paying bills, loans/borrowing, banking, check writing, credit scores, etc.

Best Advice about Money I Received

But the best money advice/lesson I received was to learn the difference between wants and needs. It is a lesson that has served me well over the years and probably has saved me tons of money. Haha! I am so thankful for the honest and open conversations about money my parents had with me, but not everyone learns what they need to know about money so they can have a solid knowledge foundation when it comes to finances. That is why it is so important for people to have conversations about money.

Milk Money on Million Stories Media

A great resource to watch about finances/money is Lara Everly’s ‘Milk Money’ docuseries. It is free to watch on Million Stories Media. The docuseries discuss financial topics families are facing. It is a great resource for young teens and adults. I have watched almost all of their episodes and I highly recommend it. It can be found on

Now it’s my turn

Just like my parents taught me it is now my turn to start having conversations with my kids about money and what better way to start a conversation about money with young kids than with piggy banks! Thanks to Milk Money on Million Stories Media our girls got the chance to decorate their own piggy banks, and while doing so I got to talk to my girls about what money is and what it is used for. (Also to start teaching them about wants and needs.) You can see their creations below! I cannot wait to see what my girls want to save for and to see the differences in how they handle their money. Haha!

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Did your parent’s have conversations about money with you? Have you had conversations about money with your kids yet?

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