Best Leftovers Ever! is Coming to Netflix!

Best Leftovers Ever

I love me some leftovers

I mean who doesn’t love eating an amazing meal and then waking up the next day to leftovers? It means you don’t have to cook and can sit back and relax. Yes, sometimes day-old (or more) food can be questionable but what if you could turn those unused food items into a gourmet meal? I might not have the skills to do this, but I sure do love watching other people do it, and that is where Best Leftovers Ever! comes in. Best Leftovers Ever! is a new cooking competition coming to Netflix on Wednesday, December 30, 2020. I had a chance to screen the new series, and I must say I will never look at my leftovers the same again. Here is my review!

Best Leftovers Ever Review

Leftovers never looked so good

I can probably name the number of cooking shows that are about repurposing leftovers on one hand, but guys, there is no cooking competition show like Best Leftovers Ever! on TV. It is a trip and takes me back to the 80’s with its set design. (Total insta-worthy set if I do say so myself.) There is Tupperware everywhere, and the $10,000 cash prize is served up in a Corning ware Cornflower casserole dish. (They call it a cash-erole.) The jokes are corny, but the tips for repurposing your leftover food are so good. Yes, sometimes there are awkward moments in the show, but I think those are meant to be there.

Best Leftovers Ever!
Best Leftovers Ever! S1. Host &. Judge, Jackie Tohn. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2020

Jackie Tohn is the hostess with the mostest and every episode I am excited to see what leftover food is in her fridge, and what jokes she is going to make. (She even sings and plays guitar at the end of each episode.) Judges David So and Rosemary Shrager are also too funny and do not hold back when providing their critiques to the contestants, or just talking to each other! Haha! Every episode amazes me with what the chefs/contestants can turn food into.

I mean turning leftover fries into gnocchi, genius. The show really does make me feel like I can do so many things with my leftovers. If you love cooking competition shows then you are going to want to take a look at Best Leftovers Ever! It’s going to make you look into your fridge and wonder what concoctions you can turn your leftover food into. I really do hope there will be a season 2!


The kings & queens of leftover cooking will take a leftover dish on an epic journey across two rounds. Each half-hour after party, our home cooks will compete in the ultimate food makeover, finding ways to give old leftovers new life, all in the hopes of winning a $10,000 prize! Join host Jackie Tohn and judges David So and Rosemary Shrager as they watch our contestants transform leftovers into delicious creations.


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Best Leftovers Ever! is Coming to Netflix!

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