DIY Wonder Woman Tiara and Bracelets Crafts

Wonder Woman DIY Tiara and Bracelets Craft

Wonder Woman 1984 is out on HBO Max today!

Our wait is finally over! While I am a little bummed I am not seeing Wonder Woman 1984 in the theaters I am super excited to be able to watch it today on HBO Max. (12 pm EST) Because my girls and I love Wonder Woman so much we wanted to find a way to celebrate our love of Wonder Woman and the release of the movie. My girls love to play dress-up. So, I thought what better way to do that than with a Wonder Woman DIY craft we could do together. The best part is the majority of the materials you might already have at home! While this craft will not produce a Wonder Woman Tiara or bracelet set you might wear to a cosplay event it is a fun DIY craft to do with the kids.

Wonder Woman DIY Tiara and Bracelet Craft

About Wonder Woman’s Tiara and Bracelets of Submission

We all know Wonder Woman has some amazing armor, abilities, and weapons. She has god-like super strength, speed, etc. But some of her more popular weapons are her Lasso of Truth that she can use to compel the truth out of anyone. Along with her Tiara which she has been known to use as a boomerang-like weapon, and to fend off telepathic attacks. Lastly, her Bracelets of Submission. Wonder Woman’s bracelets have the ability to deflect pretty much anything, and when struck together create a force wave. (They also do much more, but I am waiting to see if the new movie shows any of it.) While I need to figure out how to make a DIY Lasso of Truth for this DIY craft we will be making Wonder Woman’s Tiara and Bracelets of Submission.

Supplies you will need

  • My Wonder Woman Tiara and Bracelet template found HERE.
  • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls (for the bracelets)
  • Empty cereal box (for the tiara)
  • Clue stick
  • Tape
  • Crayons, markers, or whatever you would like to color with
Supplies needed for DIY Wonder Woman Tiara and Bracelets Craft

Bracelet Directions

  1. Print out my Wonder Woman Tiara and Bracelet template then pass it along to the kids to color/decorate.
  2. After they are done coloring their bracelets cut out the templates.
  3. For the bracelets, you will need to trace out the template on a toilet paper or paper towel roll and then cut them out. (You will be able to get 2 bracelets out of a toilet paper roll, and a bunch from a paper towel roll.)
  4. Once all of the pieces are cut out glue the bracelet pieces to their toilet paper roll counterpart. Trim as necessary.
  5. The next step is to create the tiara!
Wonder Woman DIY Tiara and Bracelets Craft

Tiara Directions

  1. Since the tiara template is already colored and cut out you will need to trace the template on the inside of the cereal box and cut it out. Tip: For older kids/ adults I suggest using one of the sides of the cereal box. (You can use the front but the sides already have straight lines.) I like to place the template in the middle of the side, trace it, and just cut straight across. This makes for a larger tiara.
  2. For the tiara tape the two cardboard cereal box pieces together, and then glue the tiara templates to the tiara. Trim as necessary. (Tip: glue the template on the side of the cereal box with the picture. That way you have the cardboard as the inside of the tiara.)
  3. The last step is to spin around and transform into Wonder Woman!

If you are a fan of DC Comics then make sure you check out my Birds of Prey inspired printable HERE.

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