Shimmer and Shine: Magical Mischief DVD Release

Shimmer And Shine Magical Mischief

Mischief Abounds

What do you get when a Sorceress is up to no good? Mischief, and who better to save the day then Shimmer and Shine! My daughters loved watching Shimmer and Shine save Zahramay Falls in the new Shimmer and Shine Magical Mischief DVD. They laughed through the whole DVD, and I will admit I also laughed a bunch too and learned that when you make a wish be very careful how you word it. Haha! Or you just might end up with something completely opposite of what you thought you wished for. Oh, and then you are also down a wish. Haha! Shimmer and Shine Magical Mischief arrives on DVD on January 26, 2021, from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment. Below are all of the DVD details.

Disclaimer: I did receive a DVD in exchange for review and posting on my social channels. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Shimmer and Shine Magical Mischief DVD Release Info

DVD Synopsis

Mischief is bubbling up in eight spellbinding tales! When Zeta conjures up ways to steal Leah’s voice, trap Princess Samira, shrink all of the genies & more, Shimmer and Shine must use teamwork and genie magic to save the day! Plus, see how Zeta & Princess Samira first met.


  • Size of the Beholder
  • Zoomicorn Toss
  • The Glob
  • The Silent Treatment
  • Trick or Treasure
  • Easy as Pie
  • Genie for a Day
  • Samira & Zeta: The Magic Begins

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Shimmer and Shine: Magical Mischief DVD Release

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