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Vivo Movie Review: A Heartfelt & Beautiful Film

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a musical genius

Of course, many of us already know this, but Vivo is just another example of why he truly is. While the story of Vivo hits you in all of the feels it really is the music that ties the whole movie together and makes it such a heartfelt and beautiful film. Vivo hits Netflix on Friday, August 6, 2021. Here is my Vivo Movie Review. (Spoiler-free of course.)

Vivo Movie Review

My Vivo Movie Review

There are 4 things I love about Vivo. The story, music, animation, and cast. All of these elements work so well together to create a movie that is magical. The story centers around Vivo (Lin-Manuel Miranda), a Kinkajou, but the way the characters are written makes it feel like the story centers around all of the characters. Throughout the movie, all of the characters go through a growth process. Which all lead to the culmination at the end of the movie. Is the story a little sad? Yes, and you should bring the tissues, but it is such a heartwarming story. It definitely reminds us to live each day like it is our last, never let important things go unsaid, and to listen to each other.

What ties the whole thing together though is the music

Vivo would not be as good as it is without its amazing music. As I mentioned before Lin-Manuel Miranda is a musical genius, and the songs and music in Vivo are superb. They are much more than just catchy tunes you will be singing well after having watched the movie. They are songs that hit your soul when you hear them and make you think about your life and loved ones. Right now, personally, there is only one movie soundtrack that I actually listen to on repeat, and that is for the soundtrack for The Greatest Showman. But I will be adding the soundtrack for Vivo to that shortlist.

Animation and cast

The animation and cast for Vivo are both bright and vibrant. I love how the animation colors change from one city to the next in Vivo. The artists are able to capture the heart, soul, and culture of the 4 main locations in the movie. Then there is the animation and look of the individual characters. I love everything about the character Gabi (Ynairaly Simo).

Her look, attitude, and personality are just amazing. She knows who she is and what she likes. I would love for my kids to be like her. (Minus how she cares for pets or sometimes doesn’t listen to her mother. Haha!) Another character who I love is that of Andrés (Juan de Marcos). His character touches/influences almost every character in the movie. He is charming, and you cannot help but root for him, and then root for Vivo to accomplish what Andrés never got a chance to.

My Rating

I give Vivo an A+. The combination of story, music, animation, and cast makes it a phenomenal movie that moves it into the running for my top favorite animated movie of 2021. Vivo is a must-watch.

Parent’s Guide

Vivo is rated PG. The movie does contain some tense moments between Vivo and Michael Rooker’s Python character that may be slightly scary for really young kids. Also, death is mentioned in the movie which may also be emotionally tough for some kids. But other than that Vivo is a great movie for kids!

Vivo Synopsis

From Netflix and Sony Pictures Animation comes VIVO, an animated musical adventure that follows Vivo, a musically gifted kinkajou (aka a rainforest “honey bear”) as he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to deliver a song to his cherished owner’s long-lost love.

Vivo Trailer

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