Wolfboy and the Everything Factory

Wolfboy and the Everything Factory Review

Enter the magical world of WolfBoy

When Wolfboy goes down into The Everything Factory we are introduced to a fantastical world full of sprytes and rooms where everything we have on earth is created. Wolfboy and the Everything Factory is out on Apple TV+ now. You can read my Wolfboy and the Everything Factory review below.

Wolfboy and the Everything Factory Review

My Wolfboy and the Everything Factory Review

My kids and I really love this show. We actually binge-watched it. Haha! After every episode, my kids would ask for another one. They just needed to know what was going to happen to Wolfboy, and his friends. The show is whimsical, full of magic, and adventure. Actually, it reminds me a lot of Harry Potter, but with its own story twist and made for a younger audience. (Which I love since my kids are too young for Harry Potter still.)

Wolfboy contains a slew of interesting characters that are relatable on so many levels for kids. We have Wolfboy who is a dreamer and feels that he doesn’t fit in. He is just trying to discover who he truly is. (Little does he know he is more important than he could ever realize.) Sprout is a spryte who is underestimated, but who is also kind-hearted and the best friend anyone could ask for. (Sprout is my favorite character.) Then there is Xandra. (My kid’s favorite character.) She is strong, but she also has much to learn about trusting and letting others in. All three combine to make an amazing group of friends set on helping Wolfboy find out who he really is.

Lessons to be learned

Wolfboy and the Everything Factory has many lessons kids, and adults can learn. The show reminds us to just be ourselves and not worry about what others think of us. Other lessons are how to conquer your fears, be a good friend, how to be kind, and many, many more.

The Animation

But it is the animation in the show that I personally love the most. The animation for Wolfboy and the Everything Factory is beautiful, full of color and is inspired by the work of Toff ‘Wirrow’ Mazery. It reminds me of the illustrations in a children’s book, but it has been brought to life. I also love how each character has their own individual animation style. Some characters have hard lines while others are more fluid and circular. I could watch Wolfboy and the Everything Factory all day just for the animation.

My Rating

As I mentioned above we all really love Wolfboy and the Everything Factory. From the animation to the characters everything about the show is amazing. I give Wolfboy and the Everything Factory an A. Now, there are some parts of the show, mainly the disarrays, that may be slightly scary for really young viewers. They are sometimes shown as wispy ghostly figures, and my 3-year-old was not a huge fan of them when they looked like that. But if you have AppleTV+ I highly recommend giving WolfBoy and the Everything Factory a watch!


William Wolf is no ordinary human boy. Down in the magical spryte realm of The Everything Factory, he’s Wolfboy. And with his new spryte friends, he learns his vivid imagination and limitless creativity have the power to change the world.

In addition to young newcomer Akhtar as the titular Wolfboy, the series is voiced by Critics’ Choice Award nominee Archie Yates (“Jojo Rabbit”), who portrays Sprout, Lilly Williams as Xandra, Cristina Milizia (“DC Superhero Girls”) as Floof and Gordon-Levitt voicing Professor Luxcraft. The series is peppered with a number of special performances, including Juno Temple (“Ted Lasso”) and Gordon-Levitt’s former “3rd Rock from the Sun” castmate, stage and screen legend John Lithgow.

Wolfboy and the Everything Factory Trailer

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