How To Make Easy DIY Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears

Easy DIY Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears

No Shame In My Easy DIY Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears Game

Like a lot of people around the world I love pretty much everything Disney. Especially Disney World. The best part about Disney World is experiencing it for the first time, and then experiencing it again through your children’s eyes. While I don’t have enough money to be at Disney World every day I do have enough money to bring bits and pieces of the Disney Magic home. One of those ways is through playing dress up with my daughter, and wearing Mickey/Minnie ears. (That’s why I learned how to make easy DIY Disney mickey/minnie mouse ears. So we could make lots of them. Haha!)

Easy DIY Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears

While I have purchased Mickey/Minnie ears from Disney World before I haven’t done it recently. So, I decided to try my hand at making my own, and found out it’s not so hard, expensive, or time-consuming. (You can actually use materials you find around your home to reduce cost!) All it takes is a little inspiration and imagination for you to create any Mickey/Minnie ear design you want. So, here is how you make your Easy DIY Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears.

Supplies You Will Need

Glue Gun, Head Band, Ribbon, Foam, Scissors, Flowers or any other fabric, material, or accents you want to use to decorate your ears.

Step One – Create The Head Band

Since I didn’t have any head bands lying around the house I used a cheap head band I purchased. If the head band is not the color or material you want for your design you can use ribbon to cover it up. For my head band, since it was fall inspired, I wanted the head band to remind me of hay. So, I purchased a woven ribbon to cover my head band.

You want to measure out your ribbon to be slightly longer then the length of your head band. Then using your glue gun,you will want to glue the ribbon onto your head band. Make sure to glue the head band onto the middle of your ribbon leaving enough ribbon on both sides,and the ends, to fold over around the head band. You will then fold the ends of the ribbon up, glue them down, and then glue both sides of the ribbon down.Like the below pictures.

Step Two – Bows

If you are doing Mickey ears you can skip this step and go straight to making the ears. Whenever I think of Minnie Mouse, I always think polka dots and bows. So,this step shows you how to make a simple bow to add to your ears. You will need a thick piece of ribbon, I used about a 4 to 5-inch-long piece, that will serve as the bow, and a thinner piece of ribbon, about 2 to 3 inches long, that will wrap around your bow holding the pinch in place.

You will want to fold the thick ribbon so that the ends meet in the middle over lapping the ends a little bit. Then you want to pinch the middle down creating an accordion look. Taking the thinner piece of ribbon, you will want to wrap it around the middle, and glue it down to holding the pinch in place. You can now glue the bow to the middle of your head band or you can wait to glue it on later with your ears.

Step Three – Ears

My daughter has a pair of infant Minnie ears so I based the size of the ears I wanted for mine off of hers. I measured her ears and they came out to be 3 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide.You may want to measure and draw out your ears on paper before cutting them out on the foam, but it’s up to you. (I needed extra practice. Haha!)

Once you have your foam ears cut out it is time to let your imagination run. (I purchased a couple of hanging garlands from the local craft store that had fall leaves and berries on them.) You want to use your glue gun and cover your ears with your material so no foam is showing. Once everything is set you can wrap the top edge of your ears with more of your ribbon if you like to try to create a more seamless look, or to hide any imperfections.

Step Four – Attach Ears, and Other Accents

Like measuring out the ears make sure to measure out the distance between your ears when putting them on the head band. Using the glue gun, glue the ears into place. After your ears are on you can take a look at your project and see if there are any imperfections you want to cover up, or if you just want to add some accents. I decided to add a couple more flowers around my bow to finish off my ears.

Final Step – Enjoy Your Easy DIY Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears

If you have no distractions you should be able to complete a set of Mickey/Minnie ears in about an hour. If like me you have kids running around it might take a little longer. After your done enjoy your ears! Whether it be for dress up play at home, or actually taking your ears to wear at a Disney park. Take pride in your creation, and the fact they are one of a kind. <3 If you have any questions let me know in the comments or show me pictures of your creations!

Easy DIY Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears

How To Make Easy DIY Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears

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  1. I love these so much! I love anything a little bit unexpected. These don’t read ‘Disney’ to me, though. They read fun and unique and customizable and I want like ten of them. Gotta teach the toddler some glue skills eventually, right? Might as well start now. (Maybe not with HOT GLUE, tho. LOL.)

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