Scarlet Witch Headdress Craft DIY

Scarlet Witch Headdress DIY Craft

Sharing my love of Marvel with my kids

I love Marvel and recently I have been really into WandaVision. The show is wrapping up and my nerves are a mess. I have enjoyed seeing Wanda and Vision’s story. This season I cried, laughed, and have gotten the song “Agatha All Along” stuck in my head. (Which I am totally ok with.) I do not want the show to end, but I know it has to so we can move on to the other shows and movies that WandaVision is said to tie into. (Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness for one.) While my kids have not been able to watch WandaVision they do know who Wanda is and I have been telling them about her story. I love being able to share and pass on my love of Marvel to my kids. To help, I created a Scarlet Witch Headdress DIY Craft that my girls and I can make together that they can wear during their dress-up playtime. Below is everything you will need to be able to make your own Scarlet Witch Headdress DIY Craft.

Scarlet Witch Headdress DIY Craft

Supplies you will need

I love creating crafts for parents and kids that use items you would already have around the house. I also wanted this craft to be something that parents can make with their kids. It is a good craft for practicing how to color in the lines, and for practicing how to use scissors.

  • My Scarlet Witch Headdress DIY Craft Templates found HERE. This includes the main headdress and earpieces.
  • A Cardboard box, construction paper, or whatever paper you would like to use. (Something with structure.)
  • Red crayons, markers, or paint. (You can also just print it out on red paper as well.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
Scarlet Witch Headdress Craft Supplies Needed


  • 1. Print out my Scarlet Witch Headdress DIY Craft template.
  • 2. Have your kids color the templates. (You can skip this step if you already have red paper, and just want to print out the template on it or you want to just paint the cardboard red.)
  • 3. Cut out the templates.
  • 4. This step depends on what paper you use. I just used regular 8.5×11 paper and traced the templates on a cardboard box. I then cut out the cardboard. If you are using heavier paper or construction paper that is thick enough you may be able to just get away with printing the templates on the paper and cutting them out.
  • 5. If you used regular paper and cardboard you will need to glue or tape both the headdress and earpieces onto each other. Or you can use this step to just paint the cardboard red.
  • 6. I didn’t want this craft to be a headband so I created earpieces, like glasses, that need to be attached to the main headdress. You will need to gauge where your child’s ears will hit on the headdress and then tape or glue the earpieces to the back of the headdress.
  • 7. Glue or tape your pieces together. Trim as necessary, and then you are done!
  • 8. It’s dress-up playtime!

If you make my Scarlet Witch Headdress DIY Craft I would love to know. Let me know in the comments.

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