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Ready or Not Movie Review

Not A Horror Film Fan

I am the kind of person when I watch a scary movie I have to watch it at home, during the day, and then watch super cute movies after it so I can sleep at night. Haha! Then I sleep with the light on. When I saw the previews for Ready or Not there was just something about the movie that intrigued me. So, I put on my big girl pants and went to a screening. So glad I did!

Non-Spoiler Review for Geek for E

While I try my best not to include spoilers in my reviews sometimes light ones do happen. If you are looking for an absolutely non-spoiler review of Ready or Not you can check out my short spoiler-free review for Geek for E HERE. Also, I do not have a “Safe for Kids” section for this movie. THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR KIDS. Nope, no way, keep the kids at home for this one.

Ready or Not Movie Review

Ready or Not Movie Synopsis

So, I cant start the synopsis at the beginning of the movie or it will give away to much so I will start it a couple of minutes in. Grace (Samara Weaving) is set to marry her fiance, Alex (Mark O’Brien). Alex is a part of a very rich family, the Le Domas family, who acquired their fortune in the game industry. (I am talking board games.) While she is getting ready for the wedding Grace is given many chances to run, but she doesn’t. Grace is determined to marry Alex and win over his family and be a part of the Le Domas gaming tycoon clan.

Little does she know that her new husband’s family has a secret. Every time someone in the Le Domas family gets married the new spouse has to play a game. So, at midnight on her wedding night, Grace and Alex are summoned to play the game. Thinking it’s no big deal, and she’s got this Grace sits through an abridged explanation behind the tradition, and she pulls her card. Grace draws, hide and seek, and her new husband and family explain to her she needs to stay hidden till dawn. Even the Le Domas family members would prefer not to play hide and seek, but they must. Thinking she is just playing a regular game of hide and seek Grace reluctantly hides, but she slowly learns this game of hide and seek is like no other. Que the blood and gore. Grace must find her inner strength and do ANYTHING to survive until morning.

My Review

Even though Ready or Not has some amazing actors such as Andie MacDowell (Becky) and Henry Czerny (Tony), Samara Weaving (Grace), and Nicky Guadagni (Aunt Helene) are the standouts in this movie. (Aunt Helene character will have you rolling with laughter.) Grace and Aunt Helene have some of the best lines in the whole movie. While there is a lot of blood and gore the deaths in the movie don’t come across like there was a competition to see who could die in the most horrific manner. (Example: The Saw movies.) And while I didn’t find the end shocking it was funny and satisfying at the same time.

Ready or Not is listed as a horror, mystery, thriller, but it really isn’t scary. Or really a mystery. Yes, a few things jump out at you and there is a lot of gore (I mean a lot of gore), but the writers (Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy) and directors (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett) do such a great job interjecting comedy into just the right places that I did not find it scary. And again, I am not a horror film kind of person.

My Rating

Ready or Not will leave you rooting for Grace, possibly never wanting to play hide and seek again, and looking at your in-laws wondering if they have any secrets. (Haha! Ok, that last one is a joke. Haha!) The movie is Rated R due to a lot of violence, blood, language, and some drug use. Not for kids. Let me repeat. Haha! Not for kids. They did such a good job with this movie they could, if they wanted too, make a prequel or a sequel. (I mean I left the theater wanting more. Haha!) I give Ready or Not an A, and would go see it again.

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Once you see Ready or Not let me know what you thought of the movie in the comments!

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